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  1. UPDATE: Nearly a day after my last post, and how it was working after the update....I log on today and GUESS WHAT, my mic is back to no longer working just like before. This frustrated me because I thought it was finally fixed and usable with the latest update, but I guess not. *Sigh* tried the good old 16/48000, switching usb ports and still no joy.
  2. Just a heads up. It appears Line 6 released a new driver update for POD Farm 2 today! It has totally fixed my problem. Had to do the whole unplug from UX2, switch the USB ports and then plug back in after I had installed the update. Now my microphone works once again with Windows 10. Thank you Line 6! Go download guys. Hope it works for you, as it has for me. Good luck :)
  3. This is a BIG common problem. Some have managed to get it working, some haven't (myself being the latter). Apparently Line6 are working on some sort of resolve or driver now that Windows 10 is actually out. At the moment, it is just a bit of a waiting game.
  4. So I took the plunge and upgraded to Windows 10 today. I figured I would try it, make sure things are working before I wipe and do a full, clean install. If not, I can revert it back to 8.1 till any issues are fixed. I run an Audio Technica 2035 through my Line 6 UX2, and ofcourse as most of you know, the UX2 isn't supported 100%. Which I was aware of. But I thought I would try anyways. I have done all that has been suggested herem 48000 bit rate, default device etc. In pod farm and Gearbox all of the input sounds are detected, but not in windows itself for VOIP etc. I saw that some here did infact get it to work by switching USB ports, but I tried that and it didnt seem to have any effect :( - Any more insight to this or if/when Line 6 will indeed release an up to date driver?
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