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    So long story short, After owning a DT 50-112 for 2 weeks, bought through Craigslist. The amp looked brand new and played like a charm, after an Easter service it wouldn't turn on. I took it into the shop, was told it wouldn't be under warranty due to the used purchase and the back order on the transformer was 3 months. I just got it back and $300 later it plays fine again but now I am nervous if it is going to go out again. The serial on it is (21)A881S6034000123 Does anyone know if that falls within the numbers that failed. I am just curious if Line6 would cover this recalled part? Funny thing was, when I went back into the shop to pick up the amp I couldn't remember the make and model of the amp for them to identify it because I told them, they have owned it longer than I have! :) Any info would be great. Thanks!