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  1. thanks alexis, that worked out great for the stock hd500 stuff, got stereo! i don't have a loop on my second combo, but went into the front of it. like the 4 cable method, i lose the boogie tones using this tho.
  2. awesome, thanks. that makes sense...
  3. i'm running my hd500 into my boogie dc5 combo. i'd like to use the dc5's tone and use the stereo effects of the hd500 in stereo. right now, i primarily run the hd500 effects only, no modeling - i'm in love with the boogie tone and haven't found an equal in the models. how do i set up the loop from the hd500 to 2 amps? do i run the single hd500 send into a TRS with 2 1/4" cables out of the single TRS to the 2 amp's loops? thanks...
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