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  1. Again you solved my problem. The help is much appreciated TheRealZap. Thanks very much!
  2. POD & speakers are connected via dual 1/4" to stereo 1/8". Pod plays through speakers fine. Usb plugged in meaning sound from pc should go through pod to speakers. But no PC sound :( Very strange! Not the end of the world but just means I wouldnt be able to record!
  3. Just a quick one really. I am trying to set my X3 up as a soundcard. Both guitar & computer to come out through speakers. I have connected my POD to my speakers analog input and it works fine my guitar sound comes through the speakers just fine. The problem... USB from POD is connected to my PC. But I cant get my PC sound to come out through the speakers! Yes playback & recording devices on PC sound settings are set to default and they recognise the POD is connected. They both state LINE 6 POD X3 - Default Device. So my PC recognises the POD is connected? Why is the computer sound not working, when obviously by computer recognises the POD is connected & is setup as default audio device? Any help much appreciated! Thanks
  4. thanks for your patience with that i finally understand. thanks again for your help and quick responses!
  5. so the dual 1/4" to stereo 1/8" that i currently have would go into my speakers from the pod. usb plugged in meaning sound from pc would go through pod to speakers. meaning as long as pod was connected i would get sound from pc and guitar at same time? i hope i am right lol
  6. in terms of connecting my pc speakers to my pod. a few questions. the speakers would connect to which bit of the x3? is this done via a cable i could get with speakers or would need to purchase seperatly and finally could i have my pod and pc connected to the speakers at the same time? sorry for all the questions and complete cluelessness of me. thanks for all your replies TheRealZap
  7. so basically i need some speakers for my pc which i can also connect to my pod. or at least speakers which have the correct connections to plug into my headphone jack on the pod.
  8. no no i've got it all wrong i was assuming i could connect pod to pc via the usb and that would be all that i needed. but obviously i'm missing a connection from my pod to my speakers directly. which isnt possible as my speakers just have generic connections to my pc through colored cables. very confused
  9. now pod is displayed in play and recording tabs in sound properties in windows. i set both to default but get no sound. but strangely the green bar still moves up and down as i play in the sound properties. but no sound?
  10. In windows I have no way of setting x3 as default soundcard. In sound settings all I have is set default for speakers/headphones - idt high def audio codec which is my soundcard i assume?
  11. Hi everyone basically using my POD x3 I get a slight delay of less than a second or so making it so hard to use and no fun. I never had this problem on my old PC. My POD x3 is plugged in through the left/right output on the POD via cable to the Black LINE IN on the back of my PC. Obviously my sound comes through my PC speakers making it easy to record. I'm sure you guys have seen this many times but is it just simply my sound card isnt good enough, or pc is processing it slowly or is there another solution? I was gonna purchase a UX1 but if this will still happen obviously I dont see the point. Thanks for any help it will be much appreciated!
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