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  1. hey Bill, sorry, but I still don't know how to run the hardware check. I cannot find it in the other thread. am I missing a post? :D So I'll just tell that guy to set everything to tone1?
  2. you mean I should check whether the tone, which seems to work for 1 hour, fades, because somehow the output changes?
  3. Hey Bill, thanks for your answer! I deleted all custom tones before selling it, the unit is set back to its original factory state. I've found the thread you've posted some days ago, unfortunately the link to the hardware test within that thread is not working anymore ;/ so I have no idea how to initiate the test. "1st thing to check is if the tuner is getting a signal. Set patch to tone 1 and check. Signal? first hurdle." You mean if the tuner gets a signal when it doesn't work? What do I have to do for that? what is patch? the effect?
  4. Hey guys, I just sold my POD X3 - which was lying around at home for 3 years without being used. The new owner just wrote me that the POD has no sound output after 1 hour. I've downloaded the newest firmware before selling it. The POD seems to work, display works etc. but there seems to be no sound output after some time. How can you test the hardware? I've read somewhere that it is possible.. What can I suggest him to do? Cable are fine, software newly installed, firmware reinstalled.. thank you guys
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