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  1. Thanks guys, big help. I'll give it some thought
  2. I do alot of home recording also so it would be nice to have the amp settings with the hd500x but changing over to live may be difficult. The m-13 sounds like a good idea so cheers for that. Would you put the analog stompboxes through the front of the amp and the m-13 through the fx loop? Cheers Jack
  3. Hi guys. I'm looking at purchasing the Line6 POD HD500x. I want to combine this multi fx unit with a few analog pedals I have and possibly also my amp distortion (marshall jcm 900). I want to keep all my nice analog overdrive and distortion sounds that I use live already but I want to then add some sweet line6 delays, reverbs etc on top of this. Can I do this with the Line6 POD HD500x and will it affect my nice analog core sound that I've already got going? Cheers Jack
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