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  1. Yesterday I did some tests and came to the conclusion that it is an electrical / electronic fault. Analyzing the problem with Logic I have seen that with the same volume if the signal with the simulation (Tele) is 100 the one without simulation is 1. Several cables and two audio interfaces have been changed but the situation does not change. Probably because of my English I didn't explain myself well ;-D At the moment I can't take it to a luthier but as soon as possible I will.
  2. Thanks... I tried two different sound cards, RME Fireface and Scarlett 2i2, and got the same poor result. With RME fireface in past was ok with same cable that I'm using now. I'll do some tests with different cables. Unfortunately I don't have an amplifier for testing the guitar.
  3. Thanks guys for your replies. It is not a real noise due to the single coil picking up hums. It is a type of noise that suggests that there is a failure of some component. The sound that the pickup emits is very low that I have to raise the volume of the input sound card to the maximum and despite this it always remains low. I was hoping it was a software failure but I have to resign myself and send the guitar to a luthier for a check. Thank you very much for your availability.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Variax JTV-69S Three-tone Sunburst (3 single coil). Using the magnetic pickups the guitar sound is very low and there is a huge hiss and noise. With simulations everything is ok. The guitar has always been in its case and has never taken a beating. I exclude 99% hardware related problems. Could it be a software problem? Is there anyone else who has the same problem as me? Many thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I had the same issue of bad sound and reading the tips of this topic I solved by reducing the input gain. The sound has changed radically and now with only the default setups I get a wonderful sound. Now I'm a happy man !!! :-D Thanks to all and many thanks to Line6. ;-D
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to change all strings of my JTV-69S. What are the strings gauge of the original strings mounted by Line 6 ? 010, 013, 017, 026, 036, 046 ? If not, what's the original strings gauge ? Many thanks.
  7. Hi all, issue solved after many tests. Best solution for me was to set "blend magnetic pickup" to 10%" with Workbench HD. In this way I have less synth effects. ;) The only issue with this method is that I can't use alternative tuning because the signal is the sum of physics tuning and modeled tuning. I can use only standard tuning so the physics and modeled signal are the same note. ;)
  8. First I apologize for the stupid question. ;) Usually my standard tuning is half a tone below (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb). If I use this tuning as standard, how does the alternate tuning work ? For example... my standard tuning (with magnetic pickups) is half a tone below. I select alternative tuning drop D. Will be the tuning Db,Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb or D,A, D, G, B, E ? Many Thanks
  9. Many many thanks Rewolf48 !!! The next days I will try to have a better sound with all these tricks !!! ;)
  10. Thanks Rewolf48 !!! First step will be to reduce gain of the guitar strings. ;) Second step will be to see Sean video. ;) I've seen that someone created a strip channel with EQ and Comp for using it in the daw mixer (for example Logic Pro X). This could be a good idea. ;)
  11. Thanks cruisinon2 for your replay. This means that with acoustic preset sound comes only from piezo and after that is converted and modeled. My issue (synth effect) probably is due to the modeled process. 😉
  12. Hi all, I apologize for my stupid question and for my bad english... :) I just bought a JTV69S... is there a way to use only piezo pickups without modelling ? I've heard that playing chords the sound is not natural like a real acoustic guitar. It has a sound like a "synth" with a lot of sustain... I know that's normal because it isn't a real acoustic guitar ;) . I don't understand how the piezo works... I think that it works only in modelling mode... is it right ? Many thanks.
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