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  1. Now I gave 59 try. Seems to be a crappy piezo on the 6th string on this one as well. They can't be properly tested before the leave the factory. Or am I beeing picky? Soundsample here: www.nutrition.se/reklamation59.mp3. First part is with "spank". The second with "lester".
  2. Ok. But still... If I dare trying a new one it will not be with on-line shopping, that’s for sure. I will try it before buying it. I like the instrument very muchl though, but this is ridiculous. The second one I got had a more thight tremolo arm (no slack as the first one).
  3. Apparently, the right kind of testing has not been done. Otherwise, How could the first guitar that I got drain the battery in five minutes? And how could the second have a very missounding piezo on the low string? And How could the d-string be approximately 7 dB louder then the a-string? Proper testing should have detect those errors.
  4. I got a jvt a couple of weeks ago. It drained the battery after five minutes. I sent it back to the dealer and now I have a guitar with very uneven inter-string volume and the piezo on the low e-string giving that string a really bad sound. I have to return this one as well. Seems that electronics could be an issue here. I’m not sure if I dare to buy another one. Line6 are not testing them before shipping.
  5. Hi! Trying to set up reamping with AXE-FX II and my toneport UX-8. I found a solution by using spdif, or so I thought. I cannot se spdif as an input on my DAW. I'm using reaper on W10. Very thankful for any input here. Regards Martin
  6. Hi! Got an older version of the monkey and got it to work! Great! Thanks. Only one peculiar thing remains and it is when i try to start pod farm 2. It states that it is no authorized and then i authorize and it works. I have todo this every time i start the plug. It is a minor problem but im happy for now. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for reply! Unfortunately it is not that easy. My UX8 i installed and pad farm/ gear box works fine as stand-alone (not platinum, but the standard) and for playback all kinds of sounds including DAW. I have reinstalled the drivers. I triy to use 1.x of pod farm. Problems: 1. I cannot use pod farm / gear box inside my DAW. Stating the the device is not connected, which it of course is. 2. I cannot use the Line6 Monkey. It just says "choose which Product you like to configure" and the only choice is PodXT. 3. I cannot upgrade to platinum So that is the Picture so far! :-)
  8. In addition: Line6 Monkey says: "no device detected", but my UX8 is still running all sounds on from my DAW and the rest of the computer. What is wrong? :-)
  9. Hi! I have that problem. I'm trying to migrate to a new computer. Downloaded Pod Farm and it works as a stand-alone, but not from inside my DAW. Just saying that my UX8 is not connected. I did get an upgrade with more gear but I just have the standard version as well. Happy for any input! Regards, Martin
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