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  1. I just used the words "damy silly" cause of this statement from you, as i was not excited bout the choice of words. Maybe i translated those words wrong in this context, so i felt offended. If so than i excuse myself. I think a knob should'nt be loose or hanging down on a new unit straight out the box, especially when i know from my own experience, that there are HD Pro units out there, where it is ok. You asked if it could be better or different? I know that it can be better, if you get a good one. And again, we are talking about the 700€+ POD-Model with "Professional-grade construction", to me that includes the operating controls. btw. e. g. the knobs on my nearly 20 years old Boss-rack-units still, after all these years, feel much more convenient and are showing no signs of age. But i don't have to get so far - my old POD XT Pro feels better too - no quality issues after all these years. I know Line6 can do better. There is a wide spread in quality. If i had the chance to get a Pro X with a navigation disc well mounted as on my first (out of 3) HD Pro, but without giving a clipping high gain sound as this first HD Pro (sadly) did, a display without dirt-inclusions (POD HD #1 had this problem) and without dropping pc-audio occasionally (again Pro X), i really had been happy. As you can see with the number of units i tried, i really wanted a POD HD Pro (X). I'm more talking bout quality not performance. But i have to say, i worried about the longterm-stability / how much use (not abuse) one of those factory-default-loose-knobs will stand compared to the correctly mounted ones. The starter of this thread exchanged his unit and got a better one, so hey there seems to be a quite large spread in quality and with that i think Line6' quality-control has a problem these days. I don't know if you are getting paid by Line6 for writing in this forum or if you are just a great fan of Line6 and so received your awards, but if someone who is awarded as a Line6expert with Line6-logo in a Line6forum writes as if there is not a problem at all, i as a customer and someone who takes the time trying to get a flawless unit, the time to write these things down here and exchange with the official support, just don't feel taken serious. But for critisizing a product, an official support forum seems to be the wrong place most of the time. That being said, i really appreciate the fact, that this thread still exists on an official manufacturer forum.
  2. For me, i can say i did try different usb-cables (including one out of a line6 box). (I don't know if Kenny tried different cables, too.) Otherwise - surprisingly (as i wrote) the old XT Pro had no problems and snaps all the usb-plugs really well. We are talking about a POD above 700 euros. We pay a premium extra charge compared to the normal bean and line6 is promoting the Pro with "Professional-grade construction". So hey, then i think it is "damn silly" to accept loose or even hanging knobs / cheap components at that point.
  3. I'm with you. Besides a loose 4-way navigation disc on 2 of 3 HD Pros and on one HD Pro X i had, the thing about USB-Jack was something i recognized, too. An all units it didn't snapped to hold the usb-plug as strong and secure as the one on my old XT Pro for example. Quality really let down with the HD Pro (X). That being said: the used Displays are really a joke. These ones are really cheap ones. But ok, maybe they think people should prefer the pc-software. But still, it remains a cheap and low quality display (especially in 2013). i suppose the digital encoders underneath the display won't last that long when used often. An all units - some of the "amp"-pots were mounted uneven and some were rubbing against the front panel at some positions, especially when fully turned around with one finger. I'd really love to own one of these and i gave them more than one try, but at a 740€ pricepoint here in germany, i really expect at least a bit of quality. And i think they could have spent some better knobs and pots considering the extra charge we pay for the Pro-Model which i think is even cheaper in production for Line6 than the HD500 (less material, no footswitches and no pedal). Maybe i'll give it one last try or get an eleven rack, kemper or an axe-fx.
  4. Do you really mean the Enter/Move-Button or the navigation disc? I think we we're talking bout loose navigation discs. But i have to say i checked two HD500X units in a store and one of them had a terrible loose "Enter-/Move-button&Nav-disc"-unit. As with the nav-disc with on the Pro-models it seems to be hit or miss. I would try to exchange the whole unit if that's possible. btw. the enter and move button do move a little bit from left and right when i press the navigation-button from left to right (and the other way) on my HD Pro X, too. But really a little bit, nothing compared to the one HD500X i've seen in store.
  5. Meanwhile i experienced that the POD HD Pro X looses USB Sound occasionally without that i have to use(leave) the tuner, too. Guitar sound continues playing always in those situations. (--> = next step or result) I'm watching a youtube video for example and it suddenly stops playing --> no more PC-Sound over the POD. Switching to the onboard sound in the windows control panel --> Sound is playing over the pc-soundcard. Set the POD HD as default again --> still no PC-Sounds from the POD HD. After restarting the PC and the POD HD everything works fine again. I did a few tests myself: When the PC-Sound over USB (POD HD) crashed, i took the usb-cable off my PC and put it into my already bootet Notebook (Windows 7 64, too / same Line6 drivers) --> the Pro X played music over USB to my Notebook. Connecting the cable to the USB-port of my not restarted PC again there will still be no sound coming from the POD HD. I also tried the following: When the POD HD stopped playing sounds from my computer, i took the USB-cable off from the POD HD and plugged it into my old XT Pro --> everything is fine. The POD XT Pro plays PC-audio. (Maybe i have to set it as default by hand, but it works immediately). My conclusion so far: Seems like the driver of the HD Pro X crashed?! It does happen only sporadically, so it's hard to reproduce. I already opened a support ticket and had some correspondence with Line6 over the last weeks, but sadly they don't seem to know whats happening, so there is no solution so far. So I tend towards sending it back within my money-back time. It seems that another person had this problem some years ago with his HD500, it seems that there was no solution found as well. http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/75914
  6. Maybe you get a good/better one - let us know. I'm struggling with my self if i should keep mine or send it back. From my experience with the HD Pro non-X i'm a bit affraid trying to exchange the unit and get an even worse one. So i'm leaning towards only two options: keeping or get something from a different brand. I mean hey, it's line6 top of the line ("Pro") model with "Professional-grade construction". I expected more than (still) cheap plastic that is not even mounted correctly. Maybe i should spend a "little" more money and buy a kemper rack profiler.
  7. The first unit had a clipping issue (i think there are some threads on the net [here ate least one too i think?]) and some dust between the lcd-panel-surface and the plastic-front The second had no other flaws than this extremely wiggling/loose navi-pad. Because i knew that the one on the first unit was more sturdy/tighter i thought this has to be an issue. The other flaw on the third unit was that it had scratches in the metal on top. And i don't pay the full price for something that already has scratches. Maybe i got tough luck but it seems to me Line6 has some quality issues. I'd be very interested what a Line6 official would comment about this issue with more or less loose Navigation-pads. Should this really be within tolerances? When i got a more loose one, is the longtime-reliability affected compared to one that is more tight (both right out of the factory)? Shall we exchange till we get a tight one? What about warranty?
  8. Hello, when practicing or recording i'm using my POD HD Pro X as an audio interface via the USB-Connection. When turning off the PODs tuner, sounds coming from my PC will be no longer heard on the headphones connected to the POD. This happens not every time but quite often. When "crashing" the POD is still selected as default Audio-Device in my Windows control center. "Solution": i have to close all programs (it seems especially Firefox or GuitarPro when used) and turn the POD off and on. This helps most of the time but sometimes the only thing i can do is restart the whole system to get it work again. Selecting another audio-device and reselect the POD in the control center never helps. When connecting my old XT Pro this won't happen. I'm running Windows 7 64 Ultimate SP1 with the latest Line6-Drivers. I already reinstalled the drivers but no improvement. Anyone can help?
  9. Forgot to mention that - before i bought the Pro X i've owned the HD Pro non-X Model and i had to exchange it two times because of different manufacturing-faults. One thing noticeable was that the navigation-stick was different between all 3 units: on the first unit the stick was only a little bit movable but not loose feeling (unfortunately this unit had other flaws) on the second unit it was wobbling around like in your video the third unit was in between (regarding the navi-stick) and i think this is like the one on my POD HD Pro X is mounted. What i want to say is, that it seems to me getting a unit with a more or less wobbling joystick is one thing that can happen when buying a POD HD Pro (X). I'm not happy with mine too. I think at that pricepoint this shouldn't happen and i wished they had improved this on the new model as i've already written earlier in this thread.
  10. Yes, mine is quite movable / loose feeling too. I was thinking about opening a thread because of it. I'll take a closer look from above to compare to your picture tomorrow.
  11. StealthPro

    Hd Pro X

    I really agree with you guys bout Line6s upgrade/revision politics and i'm quite a bit disappointed about the extremely careful taken count on improvements (only DSP i guess). Theres much left to improve: Reamping: e.g. USB Dry-Out (hey my old XT Pro already had this feature), better quality display and higher quality knobs/potis around it - still really cheap plastic used here. But at the same time i'm much more happy with my new Pro X than i was with the Non-X cause to me the dual amp feature now is much more useable. For example, take the factory-patch 15B Metaphors and disable the flanger. You can now add Pitch-Shifting and Reverb if you like without hitting the DSP Limit.
  12. hey thank you guys and a special thank for that link. :) i think the price drop over here in europe helped quite a bit selling the stock ones. they soled (and some still sale) it for 555€ instead of 739€.
  13. that for sure. I'm just wondering that there is still no official announcement and info. I mean mid october isn't that far. Maybe promotion will start at the same time when they are in stock in stores. I'm hoping for Reamping support to run through XLRs with cab/mic-sim on while simultaneously being able to send a signal without them to my poweramp. Just like older unit were able to. higher quality buttons and potis maybe even a bit more processor-power but that won't happen
  14. Hi there, the POD HD Pro prices went down and some shops do already list a POD HD Pro X and told that it may be available mid october. Are there any Infos available about that unit (Improvements / changes compared to the non-x model; maybe some specs)? Greets
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