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  1. Hi! I use my HD PRO with a Brunetti RockIt power amp and my experience is: do not stop your attempts in "power amp" output setting. I use "direct" output and cabinet simulator to have my best tones. Connections are important, of course, but, in my case, I'm "obliged" to use my power amp in bridge mode to "squeeze" more power from it, so I use mono unbalanced output (no XLR available on RockIt). However the settings' influences on tone are bigger and bigger respect connections' type. Ciao!
  2. oh yesssss!!! :) http://www.sweetwater.com/insync/yamaha-acquires-line-6/
  3. m-epifani


    We have spent a LOT of time discussing about new firmware versions, new ampli tones, new effects... so I'm sure that we have enough imagination to think about the future of Line6 inside Yamaha. What's your opinion? :)
  4. For my gig I use HD Pro with a Brunetti Rock'it power amp: I can confirm that "no amp" works fine. Of course I need an addictional effect for tone control.
  5. m-epifani

    Hd Pro X

    Please let me add one thing: marketing actions must (of course) help business, but, in the same time, have to avoid "damage" to existing customers. Our HD Pro, after PRO X launch, has all another value on second hand market.
  6. m-epifani

    Hd Pro X

    Ok, no chance to modify hardware. I hope that I can consider my HD PRO a "still alive" product, waiting for a 3.0 upgrade. Let me say: I spend my time trying to play better and to obtain the best (in my taste) sound from my stuff BUT one of the reasen for which I've chosen HD PRO is the chance to have upgrade. Not free update, but upgrade and I bought it not in seventies, but last year.
  7. m-epifani

    Hd Pro X

    "the internal processor is the only difference" When I started this post I really imagined that, considering what has been done on 500X, only the processor can be the difference between PRO and PRO X. So, the meaning of my question is: is there any chance to replace this processor in PRO and to evolve it in a PRO X? Of course, I can imagine that it's not easy, but I wish to know it.
  8. m-epifani

    Hd Pro X

    only one question: do I have any chance to upgrade my HD PRO (less than one year old) in a PRO X?
  9. If we'll have no more updates for HD PRO (consider the price for footcontroller also, all another story respect HD500), I'll sell it and no other stuff from Line6 will be present in my setup in the future
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