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  1. Someone might already mention about this before. Here's what I discovered. I think the easiest way to get piezo or acoustic-y sound on your solid body guitar is to play Fender amps or clean amps with low distortion without Cab. I run HD500 directly to Alto ts112. BF Double is pretty good. You don't really need anything else. You can add chorus and reverb to sound better. Anyway, thanks for reading.
  2. rerbty

    Rich, Authentic And Big Wah

    I've watched Glenn videos about wah wah but I think it still sounds very digital. Can anyone suggest how to get that rich, authentic and big wah sound on HD500? For example, the guitar solo from Dream Theater - Wither at 4:00. Thanks guys.
  3. rerbty

    Tips For A Great High Gain Sound

    Hi dvuksanovich, Is there any reason why you don't set High Gain's treadplate vol to 100%? If I want to make it louder, what should I do? use mixer or eq or boost? Thanks
  4. rerbty

    Tips For A Great High Gain Sound

    the DualCabMesa.zip is a blank patch.
  5. rerbty

    Monkey Driver Won't Update

    I tried with a different cable. Still, nothing changes.
  6. rerbty

    Monkey Driver Won't Update

    Hi, i followed the instructions exactly. it's still not working. any other suggestion, guys?
  7. rerbty

    Monkey Driver Won't Update

    Tried manually. Also tried with older drivers. Still not working. :(
  8. rerbty

    Monkey Driver Won't Update

    My driver for HD500 won't update. I attach the picture below. I tried to update with Monkey 1.59, didn't work. Tried with the latest 1.65, still won't work. I uninstall and re-install many times. I tried with two computers, window 7 and vista. Still not working. What should I do? Thanks guys.