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  1. I just solved this issue by factory reset I followed this topic and tried all the possibilities and finally solved this issue. I hope it works for you guys. Reset: 1. Turn off AMPLIFi 150 2. While holding the "Tone" & Pressing Down "Volume" turn on AMPLIFi 150 Then my AMPLIFi 150 works and it seems no issue with the firmware which has been refreshed. Vincent
  2. Finally received my first watch, it's kind of exciting. Few questions might update after more experience.
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    I think I will use Propellerhead Reason to achieve the effect as a looper
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    Apple Watch

    Just received my first watch, it's kind of exciting. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd6sqda7xui76gp/IMG_4868.JPG?dl=0
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