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  1. Vince_Image

    AmpliFi 75 firmware update, factory reset need?

    I just solved this issue by factory reset I followed this topic and tried all the possibilities and finally solved this issue. I hope it works for you guys. Reset: 1. Turn off AMPLIFi 150 2. While holding the "Tone" & Pressing Down "Volume" turn on AMPLIFi 150 Then my AMPLIFi 150 works and it seems no issue with the firmware which has been refreshed. Vincent
  2. Vince_Image

    Apple Watch Line6 AMPLiFi

    Finally received my first watch, it's kind of exciting. Few questions might update after more experience.
  3. Vince_Image


    I think I will use Propellerhead Reason to achieve the effect as a looper
  4. Vince_Image

    Apple Watch

    Just received my first watch, it's kind of exciting. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd6sqda7xui76gp/IMG_4868.JPG?dl=0