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  1. Alright so I've had it for about an hour. The Helix sounds amazing through it, I can drop the low cut to 80 and its perfect. The Floor Monitor voicing is great, reduces the additional bass coupling the standard setting has. I'm sure there are better options but for the price it will serve its purpose. I then connected it through BT to my phone and streamed some stuff from Spotify, as long as it doesn't bite the dust, I'm really impressed with it. The sound is not colored at all, if you are looking for an affordable powered speaker, GC has them for $219 till Feb 3rd.
  2. So I'd just like to mention one other thing about the HR FRFR108, when connecting just a vocal mic or acoustic guitar the bass is too much too, I've gotta run both through my helix then into it so I can low cut both. The more I think about it, the less I really like the FRFR 108 lol
  3. its always off. I had a TS312 for awhile it wasn't bassy like this, neither are the TS315s the same patches sound great with low cut at 80-90hz, but with the 108 I need 140-150hz. The 80-90hz worked fine with our sound guys equipment and another house PA we at a local bar we play a few times a year so not having to mess with patches at a sound check is obviously preferred. The Headrush FRFR108 is known to be overly bassy and can fart out when it gets some volume. All issues I only experience with the FRFR108. So I'm looking for a 12in option with floor / monitor switch. I'm going to give one a shot, will report back my findings.. Worse comes to worse I can get another TS312 for $249, the V2312 is $219.. and I'll either keep the FRFR 108 for acoustic stuff or sell it.
  4. So that is kinda why the Headrush isn't working, our PA uses Alto TS315s and the patches through the HR are so bassy I have to change them when I go through any other PA. I could setup dual output paths but thought maybe a different speaker would be a better solution. I am hoping the Harbinger would be less colored and with the monitor / floor voicing I could use it as a personal monitor if need be. The only issue I have with the FRFR108 is that its not a close representation of what I get in the live situation. Thanks for the feedback, if I decide to pick one up I'll post my thoughts for anyone else considering one as a low cost FRFR for a helix.
  5. I didnt realize they were bargain basement speakers and kinda why I was asking. For gigs we use professional sound people and in ears. My usage is more for practice at home, we have our own PA we only use for smaller party type gigs with Alto TS315s so this speaker would only be used at home or if I wasn't using in ears at a party or a smaller setup I may use it for my own personal monitoring. If the consensus is that Harbinger speakers are garbage then I'll happily pass. I was just looking to see if anyone has tried them, if they sound terrible thats fine....for $219 I was just wondering if its worth giving one a shot.
  6. Hey Guys, I'm currently using a Headrush FRFR108 for my Helix but its so bass heavy I've gotta trim the low cut to 140-150hz to get it reigned in. i use it on a speaker stand or on the floor as a monitor. I noticed Guitar Center has the Harbinger V2312 for $219 and was considering picking one up to try. Its got some EQ features and a monitor voicing that I'm curious about how it would work over the headrush. Its also rated for 2000w but silkscreened on the back seems to consume up to 400w where the headrush and altos show 800. From what I've read this casts doubt about how loud they'd really be, we all know how speaker ratings can vary... but is it junk? lol Has anyone tried a Harbinger V2312 or v2315 with a helix, and if so how did it sound?
  7. Arislaf - I picked up a Helix LT a few months back.. Your JCM 800 Mod patch is absolutely fantastic! Sounds like a real amp in the room. Killed all the presets i've created. Since I'm using an Alto TS312 I removed the double take (double track). Well done! If you ever have any new ones, please let us know! Im a fan!
  8. Rocles, I know it's a year later.... but I wanted to say thank you. I have a helix lt, picked up an alto 312 on sale at guitar center for $249 last week. I wanted to run vocals through it with acoustic guitar. Went and bought this adaptor at gc today. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Livewire/Essential-High-Impedance-Transformer-Adapter-1-4-TS-to-XLR-Female.gc Used your patch, mic on return 1, guitar on return 2... it works perfectly!! Thank you!!
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