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  1. I'm making progress on building my dream rig.... I've got a Variax, we're getting a SoundSource L2M for a stage monitor, and I'm working on getting a Helix or an LT very soon. Here's my question to see if this is the right type of setup: I'm thinking of running the Variax into the Helix via the digital cable, then use the L6 link to connect to the l2m. Then xlr out from the l2m to the FOH. That way I could use the l2m as a monitor for myself, but is that correct to run from there to the FOH or should I run from the Helix to the FOH? Does that color or affect my sound at all as it's fed to the board? We also have a monitor feed that comes back up to the stage, so I'm assuming I could feed that into the l2m to be able to hear the rest of the band.... does that sound correct also? Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions!
  2. Another quick question for you experts! I'm looking at getting a Variax 700. It does not come with a Variax digital cable or the usb interface. I see some cables online for not much money but the usb interface seems to be a different matter. I do have a Firehawk FX though. My question is can I connect a Variax 700 to the workbench software through the Variax's usb connection? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks everyone for your help! Is the VDI cable all you need to plug a variax 700 into the Firehawk? Or do you need the footswitch power box?
  4. I've searched all the forums and still seem to get differing opinions. I'm thinking of picking up one of the older Variax guitars. Can anyone verify if the old Variax can be controlled by the Firehawk. By that I mean use the Firehawk to change and play different models from the Variax. I've seen lots that say it won't control the tuning, but I'm mainly worried about the models. And also, to confirm, you have to use the non-HD Workbench software to plug up the older Variax? Is that software still available on the Line 6 site?
  5. Does anyone know if Line 6 will be producing more of the emerald green Variax? I really liked the look of it!
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