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  1. Ditto, upgraded Helix and 2 x powercab 112 Plus with no issues. Dang now I got to head out on a service call otherwise I'd play with it some more. Work, work, work. :-)
  2. never been here before...
  3. I'm not familiar with how Line 6 link worked with HD, however when I called Line 6 support we discussed the new feature in 2.8 that would allow helix to control powercab 112 Plus cabinet settings via Line 6 link. From what I understand it will allow Helix to change cabinets on powercab 112 Plus. Does anyone else have the same take away regarding this new feature on 2.8?
  4. Yes, we need to be patient. Yes, L6 needs to confirm functionality before releasing. Yes - My Helix>PC112+>PC112+ connected via L6 Link is 'aching' to offload Helix cabinet DSPs to the PC112+'s. (And from what I understand, actually change cab settings on PC112+ with Helix?) While I really want to dig into creating some custom tones, it seems best to wait for 2.8. I would willingly 'throw myself under the bus' to beta test this prior to actual release, since I have nothing to loose. Any chance?
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