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  1. I have the same issue with Windows 7(x64). Turning on Helix crashes Windows. After the automatic restart & post, Windows loading screen just hangs. Using another computer is not a fix, but I suppose I can fire up VMware and have a 2nd PC/Profile with stripped down drivers and utilities as a workaround until a more stable set of drivers become available. I did update my firmware when I first connected the USB to my PC, so I guess another workaround is to unplug the USB cable, turn on Helix and re-plug it in. PITA
  2. What about making a rackmount Variax preamp box with the variax guts inside that a POD or Helix can L6Link to? That would solve the wireless Variax quandary! But It might just also kill the market for the Variax guitar unless you priced it at or above the standard Variax. I would still buy it to do acoustic guitar modeling and virtual capo changes while playing my JTV59. I love the idea of only having to get used to the feel & action of one guitar.
  3. Just a thought: Integrate the Variax guts into the HD500X2, that way you can use any guitar and get the modeling, tunings & be able to go wireless. I just got my new JTV59 and love it. It plays/feels better than my LP Custom.
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