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  1. I suppose an upside to the current Variax technology is once the tech is fully outdated we will still have some excellent electric guitars whose analog wiring can be wired just like any other electric. The original Variax technology, with its lack of physical pickups and circuit, would be left derelict. Or perhaps some gifted boffin will have developed a work around by that point to maintain the existing technology or even improve upon it. Either way I look at it the JTV’s and Standards have a pathway to be used beyond the end of firmware updates.
  2. I use War Memorial with my Vetta II and was wondering if it was renamed and used in the HD series. The description of the 'Cave' reverb sounds close to 'War Memorial' so I'm wondering if it was renamed. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. I use War Memorial in my Vetta II and I don't see it listed in the HD Pods or M series units. Is it now called CAVE? Thanks
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