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  1. Well... I have returned, but unfortunately the store doesn't have a return policy. At least I managed to convince them that there was a problem. They will bring another one that they have in a different store then I can test. It seems it is the beginning of a long soap-opera. :( The one I got is the JTV-89F BTW. I'm happy with the general "quality" of the guitar with the magnetic caps... it sounds great... The only issue is this annoying issue with piezzo, it makes impossible to use drop D, drop C... I wish I had seen this thread before buy it. I'm really disappointed with Line 6 ignoring the problem...
  2. I was wondering that... Actually, first thing I have tried is to find something like that in the Workbench... found this thread instead, and my hope is gone... I thought about open a ticket issue, but I can see it was useless for people here... I'm just waiting for the store to open... It is impressive that line 6 has nothing to say about this issue...
  3. Damn! Got mine today here in New Zealand and I have this problem... it looks like I will have to return it. So sad... I used to love my variax 600, which I sold due to relocation... was looking forward to buy a new one, now I'm vary frustrated after read this whole thread without any solution for the problem... I was hopping they could fix it, but it looks like if I keep I will have a big headache... Will try to return it tomorrow. :(
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