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  1. thomasmusic

    Amplifi 75 Preset load failed: error -8300

    Let's face it Line 6 are useless at online software. Their own downloads are out of date, their online tutorials dont match the products in the UK, anything you buy never works straight out of the box, it takes days, weeks before YOU sort it out YOURSELF from forums, YouTube. They are the worse company to buy anything from period. Zero out of 10
  2. thomasmusic

    Amplifi 75 update failed now won't work at all!!

    Also tried to download updates and nothing works. Do Line 6 ever try using their own web site to download, I don't think so , if they did they would realise just how useless they are. Worst software company ever.
  3. thomasmusic

    POD studio UX2

    I have been trying to register my pod studio. Many problems. I dont seem to have a licence so it will only work in trail mode !!! WTF is all that about. Cant register online as it asks for a receipt file, no idea what that means. Cant get in touch with line 6. What a nightmare.