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  1. Some other features of the 1.1 update for Firehawk that I've noticed is that the unit now saves the output level (big knob) that you had dialed in and the patch you had selected when you power it off and back on. Before the update it would always return to patch 1A and the default output level. Thanks, Line 6, the update is great!
  2. Mcbeddal, I have a JTV-59 and recently got a Firehawk FX. I have never owned a Tele but did have a strat for awhile and currently own a Gibson Les Paul and the Variax is a good sim of both. I can tell you that the pairing of these two pieces of equipment takes what I can do live to a new level! I love starting a song out with a Guild 12 string then, by steeping on one switch, changing to a distorted Les Paul and maybe something different for a solo. Another cool feature is the ability to store a tuning within a patch. I play in church and the worship leader usually changes the keys of songs to make them easier to sing. I just set my Firehawk/JTV up for the set list and save the correct tuning with the song patches so I never have to mess with a capo. The other guitar players pack in their amps, pedals, and capos. They have to set everything up and mic their amps. I just hookup my Firehawk and run straight out to the sound board. They just shake their heads and I just smile :) I get compliments on my tone from people in the audience and, more importantly, the other guitarists. My JTV-59 feels very similar to my Les Paul playing wise and the real pickups on the 59 are very nice as well. Not sure the Variax is for everyone but, for me, it's an outstanding piece of gear especially paired with the Firehawk.
  3. Yes the default "Acoustic 12" patch (28D) is quite nice.
  4. Well after a couple of iterations of unplugging everything and reconnecting it works! Guess it was on my end. VDI cable not fully plugged in? Not sure but happy with it now.
  5. I kinda think this is a problem with the update. I've tried it twice, but still no luck. Double checked the app and, for the presets I'm working with, the option to control the variax with the firehawk is selected so I'm at a loss. Worked great before. I need to go from acoustic to electric and back again within some of the songs I play so I guess I'll go back to the old version for now until Line 6 fixes it or someone proves I'm an idiot (which is very likely) :)
  6. Okay, so the "Tap Tempo LED" option was deselected in my app for some reason (updated it before the FX). Anyway that fixed the tap tempo flashing light issue. Variax settings are still not changing with the presets as before.
  7. Just flashed my Firehawk FX to the new update. Now when I change patches with my JT Variax connected the model/tuning on the variax doesn't change to the stored preset. Also the tap function appears to not be working. Anyone else using a JT Variax have any issues like this with the new update?
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