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  1. On that basis, it would seem that the amp modelling features in the Stomp are of no benefit; whereas all the effect modelling in the HX Effects are. AIUI, both are kind of cut-down versions of the Helix. The Stomp offers less blocks, and a more primitive user-interface; the HX Effects is like a Helix without the amp modelling. That would suggest the HX Effects offers better functionality for the money, to this user.
  2. No padding on either LT - as you'd expect. Not sure I agree on perception; but what's happened is that I have a perception that it's not sounding quite right, or the same, and increasing the input gain by 3-6dB seems to make it more as I'd expect. It's completely conceivable it's 'me', or another factor.
  3. Bear in mind, I'm not necessarily seeing a problem - this was a highly subjective perception, that made me wonder if they should be near-identical. I restored the config from the first to the second, so I'd expect Input Pad not to be an issue. [?]
  4. So you're saying that, in your experience, they *should* be ~identical ?
  5. Thanks for the answers. I've now got 2 LTs, and playing with the newer, I got the feeling that I needed 3 to 6 dB extra (input) gain on it, compared to the other However, this is highly subjective, and might have been due to something else. I think I'm most concerned (if I should be at all), about input gain (as opposed to headphone output or issues), as it would mean that there's a difference depending on which LT I record something with. [This could be worked around, but it's something to think about.]
  6. That title may be misleading, but it has to be short. Say you have two (nominally) identical Helix LTs. Same firmware, etc, etc. To what degree would you expect them to behave identically ? That is, if the same signal goes down the guitar lead into either, would the outputs into phones be identical ? You'd expect the digital parts to behave identically; but I'm not so sure about the analogue input and output 'modules' either side of this. [Why might you care ? eg if one was a backup to another, would they sound the same; or might you need to tweak the presets to maybe compensate for one having a slightly more sensitive input stage than the other ?]
  7. Exactly. Pretty much... The catch with this, is that I have to update a reasonably complicated software set-up on a laptop, to work with 2.70 LT. [Drivers, HX Edit, Reaper, Helix Native, Installer, various VST plug-ins, etc.] - and I don't want to risk breaking that. However I suspect that I only actually need to update Installer/drivers & HX Edit to actually work with the 2.70 LT; and this should be really safe, and allow small steps. I've got the luxury of another laptop with the latest software versions; and I'll do some playing on that.
  8. Exactly the kind of thing that might necessitate a roll-back, if you needed those presets *right now*. Something similar happened to me, way back, with a PodXT.
  9. Quite - *but* my point is that you *wouldn't* then have to roll back all the other software, as the 2.70 HX Edit, etc inter-operate with the 2.50 firmware.
  10. Ok, I'd interpret "lock-step" as being less flexible... A 'big bang upgrade' is all very well, until something unexpected doesn't work; and you have a horrendous rollback to do, to restore functionality. Which is a scenario I try to avoid...
  11. Well, it *seems* that the 2.70 software (HX Edit, latest Installer, drivers) functions (at least superficially) with an LT on 2.50 . I bunged all this, plus Reaper & Native and a data backup, onto a blank laptop from the pool. Which was relatively painless. Being able to paste blocks (but not presets) between HX Edit & Native was progress - and potentially useful.
  12. Thanks. That's understandable; if not what I'd choose in a perfect world.
  13. So, the 2nd LT arrived. Upgraded firmware to 2.50; all fine. Put on 2.70 to have a quick play with tuners (Like); and check revert to 2.50 possible (seems to be). As one might expect, the 2.70 firmware doesn't work with the version of HX Edit I have installed - which is the one corresponding to 2.50 . So, next question: if one installs HX Edit 2.70, latest Updater & drivers; will these work with the 2.50 firmware (which is what the other LT has on it, and a version I might conceivably need to revert to) ?
  14. Thanks for answering the question. My professional & hobby experiences make me *very* wary of making any change (upgrades, etc) that can't be undone/rolled-back/etc. In the case of Helix, I have an LT, Native, HX Edit, Reaper, various plug-ins, etc, all happily working together, and getting used lots. I'm not about to mess with the configuration, without mitigating the risks of breaking things. [Let's be honest - anyone that uses much software will have experienced bugs being introduced by updates; or of behaviour changing in ways that impact your use. This certainly happened to me with a PodXT update.] I'm getting a second LT, to avoid having to lug one between sites. To get it fitting straight in, it make sense to install the same firmware version as the other one. However, it also means I'll have enough redundant hardware [2 LTs, 2 laptops, etc], to effectively put together a development set-up, in parallel with the production set-up that I use everyday; and do upgrades without much risk. FWIW, I quite fancy 2.70 for the tuner; and also because I think the equivalent Native version allows pasting blocks between presets (which the earlier one seems not to). So, I do want to upgrade - just not enough to risk breaking things I need to use...
  15. I'm about to receive a second Helix LT. I'll want it to run the same firmware versions as my existing LT. (2.50, IIRC) Consequently, I may want to install a version on the new LT that is not the most recent version - I may even need to downgrade, depending what it ships with. Can this be done ?
  16. You have a chain of various 'processors' [FX, amp, cab, etc] between your guitar and your ears. Into this chain, you're inserting 'EQ'. [EQ is basically 'gain' that is dependent on frequency, plus some overall gain.] If all the processors were 'linear', *where* you put the EQ wouldn't matter; nor would the order of the processors. However, they are definitely not all linear. [Distortion effects are an obvious case, and you can see this in that pre & post gain behave quite differently - roughly 'drive' vs 'volume'] So, being able to insert EQ at various points in the chain is a massively powerful tool. [eg the ability to put EQ after the amp & cab - which you could only otherwise do in a physical recording studio.]
  17. When you're recording with Helix Native, do you have a dry guitar track recorded ? If so, can you run that back through the Stomp (via USB), to see if the Stomp modelling sounds the same as what you have on Native ? That is, for comparison purposes, use your existing input hardware through the Stomp. In the future, I think I'd be looking to use the Stomp IO with your native set-up
  18. Pretty much exactly the conclusion I came too. I'd love a Helix in that form factor, audio quality & price. I could probably live with no expression-pedal, and 3 snapshot switches. However, this won't take my Helix presets due to not enough blocks, etc. Maybe there will be a G2...
  19. Manual looks like 6 in total, and only 3 snapshots.
  20. Wouldn't a single Helix (LT) do this better and cheaper ?
  21. I'd assumed 'total'; but 6 blocks for each path would be far more interesting.
  22. Just had a look at some of my Helix LT Presets, and unfortunately, 6 blocks looks quite restrictive. At least part of this is because I've been lazy or extravagant when programming the LT; but, as it stands, I couldn't 'just use' a Stomp. Which is a shame.
  23. No..! ;) I'm fine with piling on loads of plugins, and it surprised me how well Reaper & a reasonable laptop handle it. What I'm interested in, is having eg v1.50 & v1.60 simultaneously installed and available. The reason being so that their behaviour can be easily compared and checked. Eg does the upgrade break presets.
  24. Sure, that's what you'd normally want, and expect. However, is there any way to install multiple versions - as you can with many other software products ?
  25. It's not clear from your post *what* you updated to 2.60. Both Helix Firmware & HX Edit ?
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