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  1. Thanks Zap, now I get the names staying put in the menu. I still don't understand why I have to manually specify a name when saving the patch to disk though, rather than the name in WB being automatically kept with the patch. Still, if everyone else is happy with it it must be just me!!
  2. Thanks. When I change the name in the menu and then upload to variax, the name in the menu instantly reverts to what was there before. Also I have no simple "save" option, only "save preset as". Is the "save" option somewhere other than the drop down menus? Sorry if I'm being thick....
  3. No it doesn't work. I understand how file management works, that's why I find it a bit strange that when I load a preset (a file), that I have saved under a filename, when I load that preset into WB it loads the preset correctly but under a completely different filename. You wouldn't expect that to happen in Excel, for example, would you?
  4. ok, but when i change the name in the menu as you suggest, then go to "save preset as" it asks me to specify a file name, I've never known a piece of software before that behaves in this way. Am I the only one who finds it weird? I can't believe it's supposed to work like this.
  5. Doing lots of tweaking in Workbench HD and having lots of fun but have come across a weird problem which I wonder if anyone else is experiencing. When I load a saved patch into WB, the saved guitar is loaded but not the name of the patch in the left hand menu. I started with the models in Custom2 and made them into completely different guitars, saved them under different names but even when I load my named patch the tweaked model loads perfectly but the original name, "open c" or whatever, loads as the model name in the left hand menu. Is this normal? Seems to go against any file management I've ever done with other software. Have looked in the WB HD manual but can't find an answer. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Just found the advice in one of the forums to unplug everything from the back of the pod except power and USB.... and it worked! Could be coincidence I suppose, i did try different USB ports, whistling "waltzing matilda" while scratching my left buttock etc but something worked...
  7. Just to add... I'm using a (supposedly) good quality VDI cable and I just dug out the cable that the variax is shipped with and tried that with the same result. So I'm thinking not the cable... Is it worth rolling back/reflashing the POD firmware? Everything worked ok to begin with though.... confused :mellow:
  8. Hi all, grateful for any help suggestions with the following:- I was excited to see that workbench HD had been updated to work via POD HD500 having given up waiting a few months ago. I had been desperate to get it as having never used the usb connector thingy that came with the JTV I only discovered it didnt work when it was out of warranty - I figured "no sweat, i'll wait for the upgrade". So I fired up WB HD via the POD (having first updated to the latest firmware for both POD and JTV) and everything worked perfectly, I quickly created a couple of models ( 335 with the special P90s and a "superstrat" with fender bucker). A few hours later i went to play the JTV and my custom2 slot had reverted back to what was on there before ( I loaded them with "upload to variax" and had played them through my amp so I know they were on there) I loaded the models back into custom2 and after a break of a couple of hours or so, went to jam with some mates. The Jam was in a rehearsal space and at gig level volume and I have to say the JTV sounded fantastic, was very pleased with the model patches I'd created too. Now today.... I go to play my custom models and get horribly corrupted noises. Thinking something in 2.1 hasn't "taken" properly I open monkey to try a reflash. Initially it recognizes the JTV and POD but I get an error when I try to flash - "midi connection error 000800009" or similar ( would have written it down if I'd known what would happen next) I try again and now the monkey isn't recognizing the JTV anymore, just the POD. Could it be the VDI cable? It's doing a fine job of powering the JTV and sends a perfect signal to my amp via the POD so I'm not sure. I did tweak a couple of the standard models in WB HD - turned the strat volume up and the les Paul down a fraction and those tweaks are still there and in all other respects the JTV is working fine using the VDI. I haven't opened a ticket yet, thought I'd see if any forum members could advise first. All help gratefully received. Dan
  9. Looks great, how much would shipping be to Sydney, Australia?
  10. Thanks, yeah the JTV works fine with the POD and I just double checked the VDI cable through the POD and it's fine so looks like the USB interface. i've only had the JTV a few months so I'll get on to the dealer
  11. Ok, battery fully charged, 1/4" cable plugged in, modelling off, still have flashing red on the JTV side. Tried a network cable with same result (I'm assuming a standard network cable should work as well as the VDI cable?) so I think the VDI cable is good. So.... faulty USB interface? ( I still have green light on the USB side.) Cheers
  12. Just upgraded to 2.0. Trying to connect to workbench HD but my JTV 59 isn't being recognized. Using the VDI interface (for the first time as I'm usually go through HD500) have a 1/4" cable plugged in and volume turned up but still getting a flashing red on the VDI side of the interface and not being recognized in WB HD. Can't see anything in the user guide to help, any suggestions gratefully received.
  13. I'm using 4cm into my valve combo. All working well but I'd really like to be able to use the acoustic models too. Is it possible to use the unused 1/4" out to a PA and then put together a patch that routes the signal out that side only? I have seen comments on here where people are using 4cm into an amp but also using some kind of powered FRFR speaker for the acoustic models so I'm hoping it's possible. I would try to work this out on my own but the only time I have access to a PA is during rehearsal. Any advice gratefully received.
  14. Thanks mate, that makes sense to me now. If you take out the loop on the POD you have guitar - POD - power amp. For some reason I was thinking using 4CM would take away this option. That's how I've been using the POD up until now but was finding my tone too compressed somehow. It would sound ok (ish) at home but with a band it just didn't seem to cut through the mix. It sounded much worse with the cab modelling on interestingly. I guess the POD interracts with different amps very differently and you just have to tweak it to your own setup/ears. Thanks for making me realise I still have both options in 4CM though, that's great!
  15. Hi fechart, thanks for the reply. That was exactly my reason for posting, no Studio eq boost required at all. I've just done another A/B and to my ears can hear absolutely no reduction in tone or signal with the POD. I've had my POD for under a year, maybe there's been a fix? Believe me, i was surprised as anyone when it just worked as advertised! Do I understand from your post that you are somehow incorporating the POD pre-amp models into your 4CM setup, how does that work? All the best
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