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    Best Practices: Top volume level

    I'm experiencing a hiss running XLR to mixer at church that I don't experience through headphones, DAW or ¼ out to FRFR speaker. When using the Helix XLR direct to FOH/mixing console is it best to: a) run the top volume all the way up and keep channel volume on the amp down? or b ) run the top volume lower (9 o'clock) and run the channel volume wide open? Thanks for your help!
  2. paco777david

    Best Practices: Top volume level

    Thanks for all the really great input. Phantom power wasn't on but I was running the volume so low on the Helix that I'm sure it introduced a good amount of noise floor to my signal. As suggested I ran ¼ line out to DI and was able to run the Helix volume around 3 o clock. Absolutely no high end hiss, all problems resolved. Helix is really amazing sounding, I couldn't be more happy especially with the subtle tube like feel you get from digging in or pulling back. Running this with a Music Man Axis super sport w/ piezo split stereo out of the guitar to Guitar In and Aux running separate signal paths. Able to switch back and forth or mix between the two on the fly and it's really superb sound quality! Thanks again.
  3. paco777david

    EXP 1 position randomly jumps to 1%

    Having this same issue of sudden drop in volume on all patches also. (in addition to a squeaky expression pedal. I've been with Line 6 for years and love the Helix for it's tones but for $1500 I shouldn't have to be fixing a squeaky expression pedal!.0) Line 6 moderators, any word on when the sudden drop in volume issue will be resolved? Thank you.
  4. paco777david

    Pod Hd500x Sudden Loss Of Amp Sims

    I've been gigging with my HD500 for about a year with no problems. I was tweaking some presets yesterday using the HD editor on my Mac Mini, left for an hour or so and when I came back the sound was thin and weak, nothing but effects. When I cut all the effects off I'm left with a very thin weak guitar signal. When I turn the amp sim off, I have no signal. I've reset the firmware and done a global reset (left button, boot) and nothing has helped. All the tones (factory included) have lost any amp sim. Any ideas?
  5. paco777david

    Pod Hd500x Sudden Loss Of Amp Sims

    Ends up the headphones were the culprit. Bose headphones must have been reproducing only L or R signal in both ears, not sure. Anyway, sorry Line 6… you guys have and continue to amaze me with your quality products, from my very first "kidney bean" POD, to the X3 Live and now my HD 500x. Truly professional simulations, I'm so fond of running through a FRFR system that I can't imagine going back to tube amps. Thanks!
  6. paco777david

    Pod Hd500x Sudden Loss Of Amp Sims

    Update: ends up the headphone jack is, well… jacked. All the other connections work fine but I have to pull the ¼" headphone jack about halfway out to hear the sounds correctly. Still can't figure out why this suddenly happened, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!