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  1. Device: HELIX Floor Firmware: 2.91 Global Settings: Footswitches/Stomp Select [Press] Bug: Stomp switches react with a noticeable delay Hi, I have a HELIX with firmware v2.91. Ever since I upgraded to firmware v2.8x I had the problem, that there was a noticeable audible delay (maybe 100 to 200 ms) between pressing a switch in stomp mode and the bypass state of the assigned pedals actually changing. This is especially annoying when changing between a clean and an overdrive sound. Today i played around a bit with the global settings and found out what setting causes the delay. If the setting "Stomp Select" under "Footswitches" is set to "Press" or "Touch+Press" the delay is there. When selecting "Off" or "Touch" the foot switches react immediately without any noticeable delay. Can anyone confirm this behavior or add other useful information before I submit a support ticket?
  2. Thanks, I have seen the list, but the list only mentions fixes to the Cali IV Rhythm model, but the issue i have seen was with the Cali IV Lead model.
  3. Hi, Is there a list of changes to the existing amp models? I'm asking because i use an Cali IV Lead and a Line 6 Litigator in the same preset. I use a foot switch to toggle between the amps. Before the update the volume of both amps was approximately the same. Now after i upgraded to v2.30 the Cali IV Lead is significantly lower. I have to increase the Ch Vol parameter form 6.5 to 10.0 to get equal volume again. Is this expected?
  4. Hi, Today i wanted to browse the forums on my phone, but only the login page came up. Is that intentional? Before Today i had no problems reading the forums while not being logged in.
  5. PaulJam

    Volume Block =1%

    Hi, In my experience this only happens for EXP1. So if it is possible you could use EXP2 until this is fixed.
  6. Hi, If you have a volume block assigned to EXP1 in the patch check the expression pedal position in the volume block when the sound cuts out. There seems to be a bug in the current firmware where the EXP1 position randomly jumps to 1%.
  7. I've now found the time to try the reset. Here is what I did: Switched the device on while holding the middle two buttons of the bottom row. After the reset was complete I navigated to the setlist USER 1 patch 01A. I inserted a mono volume pedal and changed the controller assignment from "EXP Pedal 2" to "EXP Pedal 1" and saved the patch. Then i switched the Helix off and after a moment on again. After a while the volume jumped to 1% again. So it doesn't seem to be a corrupt patch.
  8. Thanks, I'll try as soon as I can. I have attached the preset in case you want to analyze it. Btw., EXP1, EXP2 and EXP3 are set to global. 2016-08-02_All In One.zip
  9. Hi, I'm experiencing a weird problem with my Helix. Sometimes the pedal position of the EXP1 pedal jumps to 1% for no apparent reason. This happens even while the internal expression pedal is set to EXP2 and no external pedal is connected. There is also no MIDI device connected and MIDI over USB is off. The Helix is connected via USB to a Win 10 PC, but the Helix Editor is not running. The problem also occurred while the PC was in standby. I don't even have to press any button or change patches - just boot the Helix and wait. After a few minutes an "E" appears behind the preset name and the pedal position of the Wah block is at 1%. All Expression pedals are set to normal polarity and global position. This issue is quite annoying - especially when EXP1 controls a volume block and you are mid-song and have to move the expression pedal in order to have sound again. Has anyone else experienced something similar or has an idea what could cause such behavior? Paul
  10. PaulJam

    Helix FAQ

    Hi, I have a few questions: 1) There seems to be a gap between the left side of the expression pedal and the chassis. Are you able to recover objects (like thin guitar picks) that have fallen into that gap without opening the chassis? 2) Is there a way to adjust the resistance of the expression pedal (like on the HD500)? 3) Can the device take damage if you don't use the power switch, but instead use a power strip with a switch, to turn the device on and off?
  11. No, This one seems to be the correct one (according to the item description): http://www.fullcompass.com/product/412906.html
  12. I was suggesting to turn the knobs to zero because there the problem seems less likely to happen. Reloading the patch would (temporarily) fix the issue even without turning the knobs.
  13. Hi, one possible explanation could be, that the position of the physical amp knobs (Drive, Bass, Treble etc.) are at a different position than what is programmed into the patch. If for some reason the pod thinks that you have moved one of the knobs, the amp setting in the current patch jumps to the value of the physical knob. This can even be triggered by vibrations. I think this is referred to as "knob jitter". You can avoid it by turning all knobs to zero and then reloading the patch. It seem that this problem does not happen in the zero position (at least it hasn't for me). In order to verify if this is the problem, you can call up the amp settings screen (select the amp block and double press ENTER) in the POD and look if one setting differs from the original position which is marked with a dot.
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