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  1. Found that "bright" sound on passive PUPs occurs initially after switching on the mains power supply but stops after using Variax active electronics, doesn't do it with the battery, thanks for comments.
  2. I just bought a Laney VC-30 210, a really clear sounding amp that has highlighted an issue with my JTV59. When I first power up the guitar using the PUPS the top end clarity, especially on the bridge PUP is superb and bright but switching the Variax cct. on and off makes the PUP top end clarity go dull like using the tone knob. Removing and restoring power, (i.e. pulling the jack plug out and in as I dont use a battery), cures the problem until I use the Variax cct. again. Has anyone else noticed this problem or is it my guitar at fault?
  3. Having played for nearly 50 years now even 9's feel like telegraph wires now with my dodgy finger joints and you sacrifice the sound and volume that 10's or 11's give you but fret wear may be less if you're a lead player and bend strings a lot. I don't know what thread the bridge string length adjustment screw is but it needs to be 1/2" long for intonating 9's, (the end of my original adjustment screw was burred through post adjustment so screw it right through to remove it as unscrewing it could damage the bridge thread), doesn't look great either as the upper support post is protruding out of the bridge and you can't access the height adjustment.
  4. You may already know but it auto powers off if the volume is at zero when using the battery.
  5. Changed from 11's to 9's but even with the bottom E saddle and the bridge adjusted fully back did not have enough string length to intonate the bass strings so had to find a longer bolt to replace the inadequate length hex grub screw fitted. Anyone else had this problem?
  6. I had problems setting up my JTV59 with Adagio 9's as I was unable to adjust the 6th bass string intonation scale length long enough with the saddle right back and the standard hex screw on that end of the bridge at max., it fell out inside eventually. Had to root about in my bolt box and luckily found a bolt long enought to do the trick but it looks crap, anyone else had this problem? Still don't know what the correct string height for 9's is !!!!
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