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  1. Can you keep us updated on your findings, johnfrancis? I'm about te order one myself; the 112 Combo, 25 watt.
  2. The DT 25 sounds very interesting. Do you use it with an HD500(x). Most of the time i use my HD500x with a L2m speaker. What bothers me the most is that with some of the amp models i have to use very strange amp setting to get a decent sound; for example: bass en treble all the way down; mid all the way up, présence all the way up... It just doest feel like an amp and adjusting settings during a gigg; Lets not discuss that... But i am a great fan of the HD500x because of the sound en the nearly endless options. Do any of my issues sound familiar to you? I hope not because in that case the DT25 may be a winner
  3. Thanks! What are the issues you are revering to?
  4. Hello I'm a guitarplayer in a worshipband (in the style of U2, Hillsong, Jesus Culture). At the time, i'm using my HD500x with a Line6 L2M speaker. I would like to replace the L2M with an amp and use the HD500x in 4 cable mode. Id like to have an amp i can adjust on the fly. I doesnt have to be an tubeamp, just an amp who takes the HD500x well. Pricerange: €800 max (around $800) Please keep the suggestions comming!
  5. nicjw

    Headphones HD500(x)

    I've tried the Beyerdynamic DT990, the AKG K240 MKII and the AKG K612. I decided to go with the AKG 612. The 990 lacks some mids, the AKG K240 adds to much low end. The 612 is perfect! It translates the sound i'm hearing through my headphones perfectly to my L2M stagesource speaker i use for live monitoring. Even at higher stagevolumes.
  6. nicjw

    Headphones HD500(x)

    Ordered the AKG K240 MKII and the AKG K612, to compare and try them out. I will also compare them with my L2M.
  7. nicjw

    Headphones HD500(x)

    No stores in the area, so i have to buy and return them! No problem for the shop where i buy them. Just need openbacked and flat headphones
  8. nicjw

    Headphones HD500(x)

    I just tried the 990 but i am not impressed! It just didnt sound flat, no midrange. Any other suggestions?
  9. nicjw

    Headphones HD500(x)

    Did you all choose the closed back 770 over the open back 990 for a specific reason?
  10. nicjw

    Headphones HD500(x)

    The 770 and 990 sell for the same price in the Netherlands, so that wont be an issue. Soundwise I think i prefer an open back model, due to the bass respons everybody is talking about... Dont know if that is true
  11. Hello I'm a big fan of my HD500x combined with a L2M as a floormonitor for live use. I would like to buy a headphone for initial patchbuilding at home. I would like a very transparant headphone within my price range. At this moment i have got two options 1. Beyerdynamic DT990 (open back) 2. AKG K612 (open back) Which one would you advice? Someone who has experience with one of both? Or does somebody know a beter headphone within that price range?
  12. Thanks! Another question. Do i have to put the effects in path A only between the amp and de mixer or after the mixer?
  13. Hello everybody, I'm getting a little bit confused. Can somebody help me with my setup? I usa a JTV59p guitar using the VDI cable. - What input settings do you suggest? Next, i'm only using one amp. I need to send the same sound to both my stagewedge (XLR or Jack) and to the FOH mixer. What I do, is centering the Mixer and send XLR left to my wedge en XLR right to the FOH Is this the way to go? Or can you give me some advice?
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