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  1. Does the FX-100 (or the amplifi app) having any setting to reduce the hum from a single coil. In my practice spot the hum is minimal, but was recently at a live spot and there was noticeable hum. Ending playing on the 2 and 4 positions on my strat, which was OK but I dont like it as much as pure neck or bridge. Just wondering if there is any built-in options.
  2. I would also like this. I would let it control the gain/drive for a stomp box or compressor effect, that way I could slowly dial up the crunch. That sounds interesting, at least.
  3. It took a little while for mine to update and resync the very first time, but since then it works most of the time. I still occasionally have issues where the phone says its connected via bluetooth, but inside the app it says syncing but hangs there. So now anytime I have issues i make sure to unpair everything, restart the the app and restart the hardware, then reconnect. That always fixed all my issues. I once had trouble controlling the guitar volume in the mix using the big button on the fx100 (you push it and the LEDs turn white), which scared me that the button was broken. But again it fixed with the reconnection. I also am slowly putting the tones I want onto the hardware itself, so that I don't actually need the phone.
  4. Just confirming that the above works. Hold down the empty space beside the bar with the Fx logo, and it will bring up the option of moving it to another parameter. However, I left the Fx knob option there but increased it to 12% mix and now I always have a little delay without having to mess with the FX. So many options its hard to get a handle on them all. I could play for hours just with all the delay settings. Thanks for the help!
  5. OK. I have tried and tried to move the fx icon. For the tone I am thinking of its clearly on the 'mix' bar in the delay section, but I don't now how to move it to another bar. I also tried to activate the fx icon for a different patch, but could not understand how to do that either. So right now i have no idea how to unassign or reassign that Fx knob link, and so all i know to do its create a tone from the ground up to replicate everything just without that Fx knob link. One option I just thought of would be to increase the delay %Mix up from 0% to say 20% as the default, and then save that again. Then its possible that by default it would have 20% mix without me messing with the fx knob, which would work also. I will test that. It just seems unintuitive for the Fx knob to not actually control the parameter its linked to until you slightly turn it, at which point it it gains 100% control. I am sure there is a reason I don't understand.
  6. I have several tones that I like, but they come with one of the effects (delay) tied to the FX knob. For instance, the mix setting is tied to the FX knob, but set to fairly low. It feels like the delay ignores the setting of the FX knob unless I then turn the FX the knob. So the result tends to be that I dont get any delay unless I bend down and turn the FX knob, which I do not like. I would like to disconnect this link, so that I can set the delay and it work exactly as I want when I activate the tone and not be influenced by the FX knob. Does anyone know how this works in the app, because I cannot figure how to link or unlink a setting to the FX knob. It might be nice to connect certain effects to the FX knob, although I am not sure why. Perhaps I am also not thinking correctly. Secondly, I also have questions about tap tempo as it relates to the delay. When you first activate a tone, what is the default for the delay tempo? Is it the delay time set in the tone parameters, or is it the delay time that has been set by tapping? To put it differently, if I switch tones mid song, do I have to retap the delay each time, or does the tapped tempo stay across tones. Is there a way to define this in the settings?
  7. Could you accomplish the same goal by putting the tone/patch you want on all 4 switches, and then on each one saving it with OD on/off or chorus on/off. I guess you wouldn't have quite the same level of control, but you could have the same tone on adjacent switches but with subtle differences.
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