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  1. I've currently got the RCA inputs on the speakers going into the headphone output on the back of my Mac so that I can hear the computer output. I'll apologize in advance, but can you lay it out for me how I need to configure things so that I can hear both the computer output and the Pod HD output simultaneously? If you could reference the necessary cables/adapters with links I'd be very grateful. I'd greatly appreciate it.
  2. Okay, so I have a pair of non-USB speakers connected now. As for connecting the Pod to the speakers, do I just do that from the headphone jack on the front of the speaker or through the back? I'm posting a picture of the back (don't laugh :lol: , these are just temporary starter monitors that I ended up paying $38 out the door for). Oh, and thanks as always!
  3. I was hoping to just hit up Amazon. :lol: I totally get what you're saying, but if you do happen to have any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them.
  4. Great. Thanks a bunch! Can you recommend a good pair of speakers for the job?
  5. I used to us PodXT when it first came out, and don't recall exactly how I had that set up. So for Q#1, with Pod HD I want to: - Connect Pod HD to my computer - Use HD Edit to create tones - Hear the output of all of the Pod HD through my computer speakers while I play along with backing tracks, etc Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. Point 2 understood. For point 1, I just want to connect Pod HD, open HD Edit, and hear the output through the speakers. Does the explanation you provided in point 2 apply here as well (plug speakers into Pod), or can I achieve sound through the speakers some other way?
  7. Sorry, that's not really clear. Can you elaborate, please?
  8. Here's my situation: - Pod HD - iMac - External USB speakers What do I need to do to: 1). Use the Pod HD as a standalone application 2). Use Pod HD in GarageBand or Logic Thanks, and again... Sorry!
  9. Can you give me an idea on how to set that up? Also, which cable would I need, two RCA on one end and two 1/4 on the other? Thanks.
  10. On another note, do you think I'd run into any issues if I were to use bluetooth speakers? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I thought the culprit might be the USB speakers. Perhaps I'll look into replacing them. Thanks again.
  12. I appreciate the response. Unfortunately, I've been unable to get anywhere from there.
  13. Hi all, I've read several threads about connecting the POD to the computer, and getting output through the speakers. I'm failing miserably. :rolleyes: Here is what I have: - Late 2013 iMac - USB Ion Desk Rocker speakers - Pod HD Desktop Can I trouble someone to just lay it out for me step by step what I need to do to play through the Pod and get output through my speakers? I used to play through a Pod XT on my Windows PC and never had any issue. It sounded great, in fact. I'd greatly appreciate any guidance. Thanks!
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