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  1. Hello, Thank you both for your help. I never owned PF2, so I would need to upgrade. Interestingly, some of the DI-Gold tones that used to work don't on PF2 as the amp, fx chains, etc aren't available. In the meantime, I've downloaded and installed PF1 which hasn't denied me any tones as of yet. Thanks again. Richard
  2. Hello all, Finally after being without a laptop, I purchased a new one and upgraded to Windows 10. I successfully installed Line 6 Monkey, License Manager, and the relevant drivers. My problem is that I quite often receive a message telling me that a tone cannot be loaded. I initially had the Tone Port DI-Gold package, and then upgraded to Pod Farm which contained all the tones I had, and a few more. What do I need to do/ purchase to gain access to Pod Farm 2 in its entirety? Thanks everyone. Richard
  3. Hi, I installed Pod Farm and it looks like everything is back to normal, with quite a few extras to boot. Thanks so much for your help. Much appreciated. Take care, Richard
  4. Ok, I'll give this a try. Should I uninstall the gearbox software, or will this not matter?
  5. Hello again, Thanks for your help today. So I'm clear: Pod Farm is the new Gear Box, and work with vista? My Tone Port DI will still work? I'll need to download a 1.xx version? How will I get the platinum bundle? Thanks very much.
  6. Will the upgrade to pod farm 1 allow me to continue to use my tone port di and will my gold bundle be transferable? Thanks.
  7. Hi TheRealZap, In the License manager, both the PC and device are authorized. Are you suggesting that I de-authorize the PC? Thanks!
  8. Happy Easter all, Sadly, my laptop becam infected with a virus and I needed to reformat the hard drive in order to clear it. I have Gear Box re-installed with the basic package, but I purchased the Gold bundle and cannot get it to reload. I've run the license manager, and can see the bundle; but I cannot get it to display in the Gearbox software. I checked my account and the device ESN (and computer serial #) is very different from that displayed in license manager and that on my account. Could this be the issue? If so, how can I get the License manager to reflect the correct info? I've reinstalled the software a few times to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Richard
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