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  1. Hi Phil. After scrolling thru all of the delay types and down thru all of the options and not finding a ‘note setting’ I was beginning to despair. Then checking what all the highlighted options did, I found ‘ms’ alternated with ‘note’ on the ‘time’ setting (oh how a detailed manual would be appreciated, you can’t imagine). So, finally sorted thanks. Andrew
  2. Thx for the reply Phil. By note value, you mean 1/8 or 1/32 for example? Got visitors at the moment so will check later.
  3. Good morning peeps. I have just acquired a v120. I’m trying to add delay to some sounds which don’t have have it and find that the tap tempo won’t work in some instances. I assumed that the tempo would work in any circumstance whatever the type of delay. Help, please. Frustration is setting in big time.
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