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  1. I’ve had the ‘pop’ experience too. I put it down to the angle of attack on the switch (i.e. from the side as opposed to directly above). From the side it sometimes happens, directly above it hasn’t yet. If you’re wondering why I switch from the side it’s because my music room can be a bit cluttered at times and I can’t be arsed to position myself correctly.
  2. Hi Phil. After scrolling thru all of the delay types and down thru all of the options and not finding a ‘note setting’ I was beginning to despair. Then checking what all the highlighted options did, I found ‘ms’ alternated with ‘note’ on the ‘time’ setting (oh how a detailed manual would be appreciated, you can’t imagine). So, finally sorted thanks. Andrew
  3. Thx for the reply Phil. By note value, you mean 1/8 or 1/32 for example? Got visitors at the moment so will check later.
  4. Good morning peeps. I have just acquired a v120. I’m trying to add delay to some sounds which don’t have have it and find that the tap tempo won’t work in some instances. I assumed that the tempo would work in any circumstance whatever the type of delay. Help, please. Frustration is setting in big time.
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