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  1. Not sure if this has been kicked around by anyone yet, but I've been thinking of it for some time; what about an HX-based dedicated wah pedal? Just a physical volume/wah pedal a bit wider than a normal expression pedal (ideally physically the same as the Helix Floor version) with all the HX wah models loaded into it, and a set of up/down switches with a small screen/knobs for model selection and parameter settings. Not sure where price point would land (maybe it could be done for a similar price as some boutique wah's but offer so many more options), but I think it would be awesome as an end-all-be-all stand alone volume/wah pedal, and pair nicely with Stomp for a modular setup taking up less space than an LT or Floor while not using any blocks on the Stomp. An expression pedal with Stomp or HX effects would be similar, but lacks a dedicated screen, the ability to swap multiple wah models independently, and volume/wah take up two blocks where you only would have 4 stomps left for someone using HX effects with a conventional amp. Maybe add any pedal friendly effects like other envelope filters, Whammy, etc, and call it HX Expression, lol. Once upon a time before my Floor, I had a Vox Big Bad Wah and even with only two inductor choices and a voice switch it was pretty sweet.
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