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  1. I am dealing with an issue with recording, that is quite frustrating, and I haven't been able to find anything on it. When I use Audacity, when I hit record, the record line begins moving, but it will stop every 1.5 to 2 seconds for about the same amount of time before continuing to record, over and over. I have downloaded another recording program (Wavosaur) and it does the same. If I view the mic activity, I see green bars moving for a few seconds, then drop to nothing, then move again, then drop to nothing. This happens in both programs. I set my Webcam as the audio recording device, and it doesn't do this. It records flawlessly. Are there any ideas out there as to what might be going on?
  2. Having little experience in this kind of setup, would this give me the sound I get through my headphones? I'm assuming the reason it doesn't sound the same is because my headphones have no internal settings that alters the sound, whereas the stereo and Spider do. Am I correct in that assumption?
  3. I spent weeks and months finding the perfect tones for what I like to play. They sound AMAZING through my headphones, but are terrible through my amp or stereo, depending on what I have it plugged into. I have tried and failed to reproduce the sounds through my Line 6 Spider Jam and my stereo system, but I just can't get it to sound the same. Is there a simple way to get the sound from my headphones to translate to the outside world? I was mostly wondering if buying just a PA speaker or something... Something with no real internal settings, would give me what I am looking for. It's terribly frustrating when the sound you want can only be heard by you.
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