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  1. I hate to restart an old threat but I have a very similar problem with my JTV-59. Regardless of the way I attempt to power it I am unable to get the modelling to work. 1. No LED at any time. 2. I have tried the button fix with now result. 3. I have charged the battery and it shows lights on the battery indicator. No knob LED. 4. Connected to HD500 and separately the USB VDI connector. No knob lights or modeling. 5. Line 6 apps do not see it when attached through USB. 6. The magnetic pickups are fine as I have played it continuously as a regular guitar using the 1/4 inch jack. No issues. 7. I have submitted a support ticket but have not received a response yet. It has only been a week so far. 8. It has been 3 to 4 months that I have used it with models. 9. My VDI cover did break off but it did work after that happened. 10. It is possible that I attempted to put the 1/4 cable in the VDI socket by accident but there does not appear to be any physical damage. I hope this is not a red herring as I am not sure this ever happened but it is possible. Perhaps this could create a short a fuse or component was blown. Any ideas??? Thanks for your comments and hopefully help in advance. K
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