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  1. Thanks. This is what I was thinking as well. Frustratingly, after spending hours re flashing it and checking connections, etc. it started working perfectly five minutes after posting the problem and raising a ticket with Line 6. Hopefully it stays ok.
  2. Jtv69 Tuning Selector Problem. Hi I'm having problems with the tuning selector. When I select Standard tuning I get Drop D tuning and often the tuning seems to flicker between drop D and standard while the indicator flickers with clicking sound heard through my amplifier. When model tuning is selected it works in standard tuning only (eg, Custom 2 model with open A tuning plays as standard tune). Tunings from 1/2 down through to baritone seem fine. When turning the dial from drop D to standard or standard to drop D the dial does not light up although it does when switching between any of the other tuning selections. The dial does light when switching from model to standard and from 1/2 down to drop D. Fault is the same with VDI cable as well as 1/4" cable and with or without battery. When connected to POD HD500 with VDI cable I find that selecting custom tuning on the POD works ok. Firmware when this first occurred was 2.10. I have tried updating to 2.21, reflashing as 2.10 and as 1.90 and have restored all the factory presets each time. Can you suggest anything I can do to fix this? Thanks
  3. I also usually play at home with headphones but sometimes the family allow me to play without! I have a JTV-69 with HD500 running through an old Technics hi-fi amp and Mordaunt-Short speakers which I find perfectly acceptable and is still loud enough to bother the neighbours. I have a cheap mixer to blend the HD500, a drum machine and the audio output from my pc music collection for playing along to. This setup gives me a similar sound running through speakers or headphones. I have found that otherwise there is a big difference between the headphone output on the HD500 and the sound from the output through a guitar amplifier. Acoustic sounds are good through this as well. The pc is connected to the HD500 via usb to edit the patches on the JTV and HD500 only, I dont use the USB audio as the mixer gives me better control of the volume of different songs on the pc. If you already have a suitable hifi and are looking for a system just to use at home I would recommend giving it a try before committing to spending hundreds extra on a DT25.
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