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  1. Would love to know how Line6 screwed up the Amplifi tuner so badly it's unusable. Very inaccurate and unreliable whichever guitar I use, pickup position or string. Often won't settle on a note; other times will settle on the wrong frequency entirely. If u aren't concentrating/listening it's so bad it's comedic. Initially I thought it was just the concentric display on the amp putting me off but then after picking up a floor pedal I realised my first instinct was correct. Regardless of firmware version it's truly awful. In contrast my POD2 tuner was one of the most reliable and accurate tuners I've used and with a floorboard was perfect for stage tuning. The M9 also has an accurate well-damped display I often use when adjusting intonation for a very accurate set-up. So what happened? For home use the Amplifi is a great little box of tricks but I've given up on the tuner. Given no firmware update to this point has improved the situation I'd guess it's never going to happen, not for a legacy product. I can live with that but I expected more from Line6.
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