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  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to test the helix and its sending of midi signals. I had mine set up to send cc messages to change my amp channels and was working... I recently did the helix update and got a newer midi amp but it seems to be sending the same midi defaults that were last in there before the update, and no matter what I change it sends the same thing. If I go to a different patch that has different settings... then make changes to it...the original is still sent...even though I made changes and saved the patch. For example I go to a clean that has boost enabled...I make the change to the midi cc to turn off the boost....it doesn’t work even if it is saved. I can turn off the midi cc for the boost (midi to none) save it....and it still has boost. Is there a global midi setting that resets after a helix upgrade? Thanks Todd
  2. I think I found the source of my confusion... lol.. I did find the send/return block that is the processing block.. and may be what you are mentioning as the loop block... had to look at the cheat sheet online since I am currently at work.
  3. Ok.. I have the connections set up as you said... so good there... now you use a Loop block? I guess I missed that block info somewhere.. I thought there should be something like that since the 4CM method is utilizing the 1st loop setup on my helix. I will try that tonight.
  4. Please forgive me for being a noob on the forum. I have question regarding the 4CM method and using the send and return blocks. I am going to use a combination of my amp distortion, clean, and the clean from the Helix into the effects return of the amp. I will use different snapshots to accomplish what I want to do. I believe I understand all I need to get started configuring them except the send/return blocks for using my amp as the preamp. I watched Richie Castellano's video first and that is where I found the need for the send block to get my amp sounds... but I watched another video from Paul Glover and he has a return block set up as well. My question is ... Is there really a difference or a need for the return block? It sounds like in Richie's video that he has his tone and effects... and same thing in Paul's video... so thus the confusion... is the return block needed to use your amps preamp with the helix?
  5. I understand it is the 4cm method...but has anyone tried it?
  6. Has anyone tried to set up a helix with 2 combo amps as loops like in this image from the TC Electronics G System manual?
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