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  1. I am looking at the Line6 specific one with the spring effect on it. Hopefully, that doesn't have any issues. At that price it better not. I haven't had any issues with the Helix Flor onboard Expression, but do not like the feel of it for a Wah or Whammy effect at all. I wonder what is different special between all of their units? Back in the day an expression pedal was an expression pedal as long as it had the right pot in it.
  2. Well went ahead and pulled the trigger on Logic Pro X. Goodness gracious that includes a TON of loops. Now to wait for them to download. So much nicer than 9. I didn't care for how small everything was in 9 and now X is much easier to navigate.
  3. Yeah that is very true. I tried a couple trials awhile back and couldn't or really didn't want to spend all the time relearning how to do things. For what Logic does I think it is one of the best value DAWs out there. I am sure Apple knows you already put down money into the hardware, just like them including GarageBand. Will probably go ahead and get Logic X soon, since it looks like they did make the interface a bit better. 9 made things rather small and harder to read (yes I need new glasses) and X seems to be more similar to GarageBand in regard to over all looks now and GB is so simple to get around. X is more like GB on steroids from the looks of it. 9 and Garage Band were a bit different. To get all the extra instruments, loops, and being able to change time signature in a song is probably worth it to me. Just got my FocusRite 2i2 yesterday, so one step closer to my goal. Now to find a decent keyboard to interface with everything and then some better monitors. Speaking of, is there anything to control presets/snapshots within Native while playing? I am sure there is, just started messing with it. Want to get things setup and hopefully get the kids more interested into recording. They are both getting better with their instruments and supposedly want to start a band. :)
  4. Thanks so X is that much better? I remember when it first came out, it didn't seem to be earth shaking release and wish they gave an upgrade price instead of charging the same price for everyone. Still a good value compared to some of the others out there. I looked at Reaper, and would rather not learn a new setup. And actually for my immediate purpose may just stick with Garage Band at the moment. Mainly looking to help create my presets that I use live without having to hook up the main Helix to the computer. Once I get back to doing some recording more may look at LogicPro X, but even then for my purposes Garage Band may be sufficient. Plugged into GarageBand 10.2 without any problems.
  5. Yeah I saw that, but saw another thread where a guy was using it with LogicPro 9, but it stopped after an update. I didn't notice any more updates on the thread, so wanted to check. Not really an issue with the Money, mainly that 9 had done everything I needed and X didn't seem to be much of an upgrade, but seems odd if it worked at one point and 9 still supports Audio Unit Plugins that it wouldn't work. Figured things are somewhat standard. Perhaps Apple and Line6 had a little "agreement". May check out Reaper or just go ahead and get X. Surprised Apple hasn't made it not run on Sierra yet. Actually, I think it doesn't on High Sierra, which is probably why I haven't upgraded my main iMAC to it. Have to see if it works on my MBP which is running High Sierra.
  6. I just purchased my Helix unit 2 weeks ago and simply LOVE this thing. Such an amazing upgrade from my HD500. I am interested in getting the Helix Native since I get a great discount and it would make it easier for me to create presets without having to pull out the whole unit. My DAWs I currently use are Logic Pro 9 and GarageBand. I hadn't upgraded to X since I didn't really see a need for it as 9 was working fine for me. However, I got the 15 day trial to check out Helix Native and can't seem to get Logic Pro 9 to see the plug-in. Does Helix support LogicPro 9, or do I need to upgrade to X?
  7. That makes sense to an extent, I just wish there was a way to adjust that globally. I like using my Morley Big Horsie 2 WAH pedal for Wah. I don't think the pedal on the Helix feels as good as it does when I am using Wah, plus I like how it turn on as soon as I step on it and turns off as soon as I disengage. No need to worry about a button. It doesn't really impact me, its just an OCD type pet peeve of mine when I am using EXP2, when EXP1 isn't being used, I guess. :lol: That is what I do, I always start setting up a preset that includes my core effects template with the Volume set on EXP1. It would be nice to be able to start a new one from scratch with it set to default EXP1 globally.
  8. Does the Helix make an easy way to pull in one of the Templates that are in in the templates set list? Or do you have to go to the template setlist, find one, copy it, then go back to your current set list and paste it? I think that is the case, but would be nice if Line6 made an easy way to actually pull the template into your current preset. If not it, is just a set list really. Be cool to be in a preset and have option, copy from template then have a scroll menu that goes through the template set list to select which to pull in.
  9. Right, but that was my whole question. Seems odd to default to EXP2. Seems like Volume should default to EXP1 and then whatever else you would like to control you would have it set to EXP2. Just a silly pet peeve, that doens't make sense to me.
  10. I had this same thought when I had my HD500. When you add a volume block to your preset, and all the presets I have downloaded, why is it controlled by EXP2 automatically not EXP1?
  11. O MAN! It has been delivered already! I think I will leave even earlier than I was thinking now!!! What is a couple more hours of leave. I will make it up tomorrow.... maybe.!
  12. Thanks for all the information. I have actually been watching a lot of worshiptutorials videos about the Helix and downloaded their free AC30 presets. I really like making my own presets on the HD500. Some I downloaded from custom tone and tweak, and many others I create from scratch. Seems like the Helix opened up the market for purchasing presets much more than the HD500 had. As well as the IRs. I have to get my head wrapped around this whole concept. Anyone can make their own IR using the built-in ones as a starting point, correct? Or are special utilities needed to create them? I understand what they are doing, but not the underlying process of creation. Yeah I have been spending the past month on youtube watching countless videos on youtube listening to the comparisons between the AX8 and Headrush and the rest. I pretty much was locked into the Helix, since I have my Variax that I love being able to control directly from the POD, and it looks like the Helix makes it even easier to do. I was going to sell the HD500 along with the DT25; however, I decided to keep the POD for a backup as well as letting my son mess around with it as well as my les paul. Got him an acoustic for Christmas and he is finally putting some effort into learning the instrument. So think the POD would help his excitement with it. Anything to get him off of Computer games and XBOX. Thanks, will definitely keep that in mind. Don't think the whole process will change too much from the HD500 in regard to worship at the church. However, if I think of anything in particular will definitely hit you up once I get the unit. Hoping Fedex shows up early. Planning on taking off work early, get home and get it setup for tomorrow night's rehearsal. Love Came Down, The Glory is Yours, Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) & He is Jesus is up this week. Four relative regulars. Shouldn't be too hard to setup for these. I typically use the headphone out into the iMAC and use my Shure In Ears to play. I have been looking at some studio monitors. I always had a hit and miss issues with the USB out to the computer, I am hoping the Helix helps that. Can't really remember what it did, since it has been a long time since I used it. Yeah I read the Global EQ should be updated immediately, also someone posted that the built in gate impacts how the volume roll off on the guitar effects the amp model. I guess that is what you are talking about with the Global EQ. Funny, I found Jason Sadites the other day during my youtube browsing. He has a GREAT channel and still going through his Helix series along with the Line6Support channel which seems to be pretty good as well. I use my Shure In Ears that I use at Church most of the time when I am practicing, however, sometimes I do use my speakers. I do need to upgrade those though. Is there a reason to go with the 80ohm vs the 220ohm? I haven't been this excited for a piece of gear in a long time. My wife may not get to see me much for the next coming few weeks ;) Thanks again everyone for the input I really appreciate it.
  13. Well I finally pulled the trigger and my new Helix will be arriving tomorrow. I have been cram reading and watching tons of videos and documentation to get ready for the upgrade. I have been using the dream rig (Variax JTV59 -> HD500 -> DT25) for quite some time and felt it was time to upgrade. I actually rarely use the DT25 since when I play at Church I just plug into the PA because we like quiet stage and have no isolation booths for amps and the last few times I have jammed with my buddies I did the same so I decided to sell the DT25 and use that to get the Helix and keep the HD500 as a backup. I remember with the HD500 there was things that needed be changed in the global settings to ensure you got the best or similar sound from the PA as you do when using the headphones. Are there any good starting pointers to get going with the new unit? Any gotchas, pointers or anything else I would find useful? Good must have setlists/presets out there? I have read about getting some third party IRs are very important and have looked at a few offerings there. How are the new ones the Line6 recently released? Good enough improvement over the stock, without worrying about buying others? I have to wrap my head around the whole snapshot thing. Still not sure what makes them different than multiple presets. I haven't been this excited for a new piece of gear in quite some time. The Variax probably the last. Simply love that thing.
  14. Just logged into the website and in my purchase history it shows a button that I can "gift" the purchase to another person. So I guess that is what you were referring to. So I would de-authorize the HD500 from my account and when he sets it up on his end I can gift the bundle pack to him and he will be able to access their functions. I am imagine they would want to use the manager for future updates. That is if they still plan on updating it. Thanks Man! Now to hope for a buyer. Drooling for the Helix.
  15. Well since I am planning on sticking with Line6 and get a Helix I don't think I would want to share my account information. So will probably look at the number 2 option. Where would I find my license for the model pack? Would it be on this site somewhere in my purchase history, or viewable in the Line6 apps. Or would I need to track down that email? Thanks for the information. Good to know.
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