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  1. HI Guys, I just recently got a Helix and consequently a newbie. I made a preset with two signal chains in parallel panned left and right. I have my Helix connected to an audio interface (steinberg ur44) with two cables running from L and R outputs of the helix and then to the interface's 2 and 3 inputs. When I open the UR44 mixer I notice that only one channel is receiving an audio signal (channel 3) and the other one is dead silent. I swapped the cables to check if the problem was the cable but it turns out it wasn't. I also opened Sonar to check the mixer in there as well and got the same result. Finally, I connected my headphones to directly to the Helix and voila! there I can here the difference, true stereo! So, what am I doing wrong or missing? Why can't I hear my stereo preset on my computer? Any suggestions, advice would be great! Thanks, Paul
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