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  1. i ran monkey, license manager and updated my two POD xts and my POD xt pro. I installed the model packs on all of them (bass expansion, FX junkie, and collector classics), I have a newer version of an XT which has a different line 6 logo than any of my other machines. This one has several presets with an amp model I dont own (I thought I had all of them) It is strange that I updated the software and model packs on the samee day but they have different presets. Why would Line 6 install a preset on a unit which did not have the amp model installed? Another wierd thing about presets. I cannot reset the presets ot a "Complete Factory Recall" as described on page 4-12 of the manual. It says to press the SAVE button once and scroll with the SELECT knob to a page which does not exist. I dont have single channel recall on any of the POD xts either. I thought if I upgraded the software on all of my units to the same version the presetw would change and become identical. This did not happen. I have three different sets of factory presets on these things. Thanks for your interest.
  2. I have over 30 line six products from the POD 2.0 to the X3 Pro. I am a guitar player not a computer programmer. These things are increasingly difficult to use for non tekkie types and a road map in the form of a preset list would be nice. I have three versions of POD xts and some of them have presets installed that I cannot use because I dont own the amp model. What is that about? The X3 manual was huge but had less information in it than my POD 2.0 manual. It was printed in fifteen different languages and weight about five pounds. I guess they have the time to translate useless manuals. Why bother installing presets in the first place? My first POD 2.0 came with an outling of the 36 factory presets. Simple It was easier to program my VCR than to edit any of the presets on my XTs or X3s
  3. What has happened here? Did someone wipe out the server room? Thats not my avatar My profile is gone my pics are gone my threads are gone all my registered gear is still on the site but everything else is gone Including the digital select switches on my pod pro. Im selling all my line 6 stuff on ebay.
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