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  1. Hello Slockrem, love your mod! One question, do you still have the old jtv-59 bridge somewhere?
  2. As far as I know, the only difference would be the fretboard. If you are happy with your guitar I would keep it :)
  3. Glad you could grab one! Could you take a close up pic of the fretboard? Mine is pretty dark, but i think it is rosewood, i wanna check the grain on the ebony they are using. About the adjustments, yes, they come pretty high. I was able to lower mine with the bridge, which is a little unconventional for a les paul, but not as much as the rest of my guitars, for two reasons, the frets, and the variax hardware. Take into account that the piezo picks up everything and makes it worse, so the little buzzes and noises that you can get with a low action guitar will get amplified. Still, it's quite comfortable.
  4. Funny thing, I was able to grab a jtv59 a month ago from a local store. It was the last one, forgotten in a corner of the warehouse, and got a nice discount :) I’m not sure what has happened with the jtv line, but they have completely disappeared from stores. Even musicstore, which I asked about the jtv-89f and they told me they were getting a shipment in November, has removed them from their website. Since line 6 has confirmed it I guess they will be back in stores at some point.
  5. Hi, After a year quite happy with my helix, I decided to take it one step further and buy a variax. I was eyeing the jtv-89f red a couple of months ago, and I was ready to make the purchase at the end of this month. To my surprise I checked the guitar today and it’s not available in any major European store, in Thomann is delisted. Not just this one, but it seems that every variax model (except for the shuriken) is going away. Does anyone know what’s gonna happen to the variax guitars? thank you.
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