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  1. I've been having some trouble with the expression pedal not bottoming out properly in certain venues due to lighting conditions, and on closer inspection i've noticed that the expression pedal does not have it's own LED for the LDR, it merely relies on outside light sources. I was thinking of combating this issue with a bright white 3v led placed directly under the expression pedal which would create much more stable lighting conditions for the LDR to operate in. All i need is a 3v DC rail! Does anyone know where there is a +3 to +3.4v dc source on the x3 live circuit board?
  2. the only way i could get my x3l to work at all was to make a new partition and install windows XP 32 bit. It now works flawlessly but it's a cumbersome work around.
  3. UPDATE: Using windows virtual pc in XP mode, i managed to get line 6 monkey to at least acknowledge the X3. however, I can't get the pc to talk back to the x3 much. I can't update the flash memory and gearbox cannot change patches. I'm hoping this is just because it's running through virtual PC. I am now installing windows xp properly onto a new partition, hopefully that will have better luck.
  4. I have tried all of those suggestions, still no luck. I will try the MIDI cable method next.
  5. yeah, still no luck. It seems to be a problem with the software as the pod is connecting to the pc just fine.
  6. yeah, all the software (except the stuff which is actually on the pod) is the latest version as i have only just downloaded it. I am on widows 7 64bit.
  7. Just got a used x3 live, flash memory version 1.15, usb firmware version 1.02. I have installed the appropriate drivers and my computer detects the x3 when it is plugged in (asks if i want to use it as the default audio device etc.) BUT when I try and load up line 6 monkey, it will not detect the x3. Please help!
  8. psmith, in your diagram is the xlr on the pod end or the fireface end?
  9. Oh well that's slightly disspointing, does the pod HD pro x have the aes capability? Alternatively, are the l&r jack outputs balanced? And are they simply linked to the xlr outs or can they send a different signal?
  10. The signal going to the power amp & bass cab will probably be ok to be either completely dry of processed identically to the DI signal. I basically just use the cab as an on-stage sub fill as we all use in-ear monitors in the band. So is there no AES output then? :( the spec sheet here http://line6.com/podhd/compare says it can output AES, i presume it's out of the L6 Link xlr? or is that false? the dry Spdif ouutput is just for reamping isnt it?
  11. why would the fact that it's a bass affect it? what different options do the output options give?
  12. Hi, I am looking at buying a hd500x to use for gigs. Our sound desk is a Soundcraft Si Expression 2 which has an AES/EBU digital input which i would like to use. The spec sheet for the HD500x says it can output AES signal but i can't find any info as to what can be sent to it. Ideally, i would like to input my bass signal from my wireless kit through the XLR mic input, then use the 2 analogue xlr outputs to send a stereo signal from the pod to my power amp, and send a digital stereo signal from the AES/EBU output to front of house. Is this possible?
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