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  1. Found something interesting, that I woander migth work: http://www.thomann.de/gb/miditemp_msw_1.htm Anyone knows if this will work?
  2. Hello guys, need some help on how to make my POD X3 Live be able to swicth the channels on my Peavey 6505+ combo 112. I use the X3 Live conected to the amp efects loop (2 or 4 cables system), and with this amp I only want to use from the X3 Live the modulation and EQ pedals; whenever I want to add overdrive/distortion I prefer using this amp's Lead channel. But I would like to do this without having to step twice (POD + Footswitch) each time I want to change sounds... Therefore, I need to have some banks/tones in X3Live that when I select them, they also change the amp's channel from Rythm to Lead and vice versa. If the amp's footswitch was MIDI controled, there would be no problem. As it is not, I need "something" in between (POD > Amp) to translate the MIDI comands from the POD into the electric signal needed by the amp's footswicth socket (1/4" jack, mono I supose...). The Voodoo Labs Control Switcher migth be one option. Does anybody know about any other options?
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