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  1. I'm looking for replacement screws but don't know the know the size and type of the Line 6 HD150 III head amp screws that attach head cabinet to chassis from the top. and where to find them
  2. I am an independent technician, service and maintain equipment. I have worked as a technician for a music store, and record music companies in the past. Most service centers have technical bulletins regarding known defects from the manufacturer, as well as serial numbers of equipment of that have common failing components on their website. I have purchased parts from many other manufacturers without a problem. Since I work nights and not in the city I live in, I order parts online. So I don't know why Line6 is being so difficult.
  3. That link leads to me service centers. Can't I get parts some where from this website. Or Can I send in the defective circuit board for repair? I really getting ticked off with the poor support here. I have a Peavey amp that is almost 20 years old and it had no problems other than a broken channel switch pedal. I also received a schematic, but never had to use it.
  4. Hi sscantu, I have the exact same problem as in the video you posted. I am trying to get parts from Line6, but not having any luck.
  5. Hi TheRealZap, I contacted line6 support. The only reply was to perform a factory reset, but I they won't answer back when I asked for parts and a month has almost passed. I believe the problem is the DSP processor chip that overheats. Once it cools down it is OK for another 5 minutes or so.
  6. I bought a Spider HD150 III head amp new in 2009 as a backup amplifier but it was put into storage and it was not used. I plugged it in today and it that plays OK for about 5 minutes, then becomes intermittent, then cuts out with ticking noise. I haven't investigated any further, but I heard it could be a processor board problem. If so how much is a replacement board?
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