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  1. Hey, this could be interesting! I've looked up Midi Sequencers and these units appear to be recording/editing devices. How could one be used to change my Line 6 Spider IV Amp Settings?
  2. As the number of songs in the increases, so does the difficulty in remembering lyrics and chords, so the tablet is an aide-memoire which is occasionally glanced at if the memory falters. One finger tap or sweep moves the page on to the next song. I would have thought that, with the virtually miraculous developments in electronics (e.g switching on the PVR with a smartphone from the other side of the world!), somebody would have, by now, eliminated foot pedals and cables for controlling amp settings. Seems to me that all that's required is similar technology to wireless microphone and guitar transmission/reception and I'm amazed that no-one has done it yet. Having said that, I know that many gigging guitarists love having as many pedals as possible to tip-toe around. I guess they think it makes them look good but I think it detracts from the performance so I just want to do it as seamlessly as possible. Maybe I'm in the minority.
  3. I agree that pressing foot pedals is the norm but when there are several changes, back and forth, from one tone to another, looking (squinting!) at a (quite small) display on the floor IMHO causes unnecessary delays in the performance and looks unprofessional. Having slicked up the changes from one song to the next with the tablet, I'm looking for more advanced technology than a cabled foot pedal which will allow me to to do the same with the user bank amp tones. I guess Line 6 stuff can't help. Pity.
  4. I use a 10" Android tablet on stage, mounted conveniently on my mic stand. It's loaded with all the band's music (40+ arrangements (and getting bigger), chords and lyrics). This needs just a touch to move from one song page to the next. I also have a Line 6 Spider IV 75 amp which has several different tones in the user banks for different songs. Even though I have set the amp up as efficiently as possible in the set running order, it's a pain (and unprofessional) turning my back to the audience to change the setting - more so when the amp is on the backline and I'm at the front of the stage. I've thought about using one of the FBV boards but I think this would be almost as bad as I'd be always staring down at the floor to change the amp settings. With the release of the new Amplifi TT, which, I gather, has wireless connectivity, I was wondering if, with a suitable app, the Amplifi TT could be mounted on top of, and used in conjunction with the SpiderIV so that I could control the amp tone settings from the tablet. Ideally, I'd want an icon on the song page that I could just touch and which would remotely change the amp to the required tone setting. Can this be done with the Amplifi TT connected to a Spider IV? If not, how could it be done?
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