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  1. Ok, nevermind, just figured it out. Didn't see a similar post below mine that had the correct answer for me. I'm using Xp, so I went to control panel < system < device manager found the toneport ux2 subfolder , then went to update drivers manually. From there I searched within C:/ program files/line 6 and found the driver folder for the ux2. A little window popped up that said Windows could not verify that it was compatible, but I installed anyways, and it worked immediately after.
  2. So I went to play on my toneport for the first time in like forever. Had it installed on a previous computer and it worked fine, now, no matter what usb port I plug it in, I constantly get the red flashing clip lights, sometimes the volume panels will be lit up but the lights are still flashing and the device is acting like it cant connect. I've downloaded the most recent drivers from Monkey, but after I install them and go back to Monkey it says the drivers are not installed. I've searched all over for people who have had similar problems but they, like myself, can't seem to find any answers anywhere. Help, anyone?
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