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  1. I think the Helix is an amazing and groundbreaking platform. Flawless design and huge capability for state of the art connectivity. It is already great and I'm sure it will only get better over time. In my case, I was seeking a studio unit with sounds that I could use for recording. Obviously, the Helix has an infinite universe of sounds. I'm sad to say that I returned the Helix. I loved the external construction and software capability. It could serve as a studio hub and Line 6 is a great company. The only downside for me was the sound.
  2. Holy Shipps! I have it boxed up and was about to send the refund request. You guys are knocking at the doors of my perception. O.K. I'll give it another go. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all of the kind replies. The Helix is a wonderful box. I salute Line Six It is an incredible pedal for live use and integration with live rigs. That being said, I'm thinking it is not the best solution for me. I'm looking for a studio guitar box that sounds great and feels natural to play. I've gone to the basics and listened to the raw amps and cabs. I purchased some of the recommended patches and the result is still disappointing. That being said, if I add effects, it can be fun. Helix is great, but not the solution I was seeking. Thanks for all of the kind replies.
  4. Wow! I'm knocked out by all of the helpful replies. Many thanks! Just knowing that there is a friendly, generous community of Helixers, makes me think I should keep the box and figure it out. I should have explained more about my set up in my first post, but it already felt long winded. My intention is to use the Helix in the studio only.... hoping for a Swiss Army Knife of great sounds. I have it plugged in to 2 channels (flat EQ) of a good mixing board and am monitoring on high quality studio monitors. Plugging a PRS and then a Strat in to the guitar input. Presets sound not so good... the clean patches are anemic and the OD patches sound buzzy and phony. I have used numerous modeling processors and amps over the years dating back to the original Pod, so I'm experienced in that sense. The general consensus seems to say that I should abandon the presets and dive in to programming my own sounds. It also seems that most folks agree that third party IR's and or patches are necessary for getting the best out of the Helix. Can you point me to come essential ones, so I can load them before I start doing my own programming? I'd be happy to spend the money if it would transform the potential of the box. I have 28 days left to figure out if the Helix is a keeper. Thanks for your insight and kind assistance.
  5. Just got my Helix, unboxed it and listened to the presets. This can't be how it really sounds. Went to Line 6 and updated to the new firmware. Listened to the presets again. Not so good. I chose the Helix over Fractal and Kemper, because of reviews and price. The layout and UI of the Helix is wonderful. Seems to be an amazing/groundbreaking product. I can't believe it is supposed to sound like this. I'm assuming the presets reflect the best of what the Helix can do. Nothing sounded great or felt good to play. No slam intended. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  6. My 150 has the vibration issue. I've corresponded with tech support at Line 6. Great guy, very helpful. He said he checked it out and the one he has there does it too. He thought that it is not a problem because most amps rattle and that the volume of the amp would "drown out the rattle". In the case of my amp, the vibration can clearly be heard along with the lovely guitar sound. I was wanting to use the amp for recording, and I don't think it will be a good choice for that.
  7. Listening up close, I don't think the tweeters are doing anything with the direct guitar sound. I'm only hearing the reverb and delay from them. Seems a shame... this could be a nice acoustic guitar amp with a bit of restructuring. I've not been able to create a great sound for a Godin nylon string. Seems like it should be possible.
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