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  1. davidb7170's post in HX Effects buzzes loudly when USB is plugged in was marked as the answer   
    It's a ground loop. I have the same on my Helix Floor when plugged into my PC. They are apparently on 2 different circuits in my room - different outlets.... I made an isolation transformer box with a 1:1 audio transformer from an electronics store. You can also find pre-made units, such as Hum X or some such. Or move both your PC and your HX FX and Amp to the same power strip. Doubt it's the HX FX, but more probably the PC ground versus your amp ground. I place my isolation transformer between my Helix and the amp (my case FRFR speaker), only when I connect the Helix to the PC....
  2. davidb7170's post in Workbench HD meaning of capacitance value "FILTER" ? was marked as the answer   
    It's a tone control that doesn't really interact with the tone pot chosen value in HD WB that much. The cap values and the tone pot (and the volume pot values) interact, changing output volumes and resonances. I'm an electrical engineer (not in electronics, but I have some knowledge with them). The filter just basically rolls off the high frequency with less effect from the pot values, from what I've messed with it. The pot position varies it from nothing (10) to muffled (0) I tried a few combo's with it and I don't much care for it.
    It's sort of like the tone switch on my Gretsch Country Gentleman. On the upper bout, there's 2 switches - a 3-way pickup selector and another 3 way tone switch -- middle - no filter cap, clean; down - muddy; up - muddier... Gretsch users actually call it the "mud switch".... That's my take on it.
    In prior Variax firmware (before the HD versions), they had a filter on one of the Tele model neck positions -- hated it, didn't understand why anybody would think it was good... Sounded like a sock was stuffed in it....
  3. davidb7170's post in Global EQ -- Am I Doing Something Wrong? was marked as the answer   
    Just to close this one out -- the new FW 2.62 Global EQ now works on both my 500 & 500X. Thanks, DI and L6 Staff!
  4. davidb7170's post in New Jtv-89 Owner And Hd500 Power Cycle was marked as the answer   
    I have the same issue with my JTV-69S. If I have it plugged in via the VDI cable and port on my HD500 and plug in the power, it fires up, then like yours about 10 seconds later power cycles, then is fine. I just got an HD500X, and it does the same on the 500X. I also have a JTV-59, and it never does that with the 59 hooked up before I power up the pedal -- strange. It does not happen when I start up the HD500 & 500X with the 69S not plugged in, then plug the VDI cable into the 69S. I do this when I'm setting up at a gig -- I set up the HD500 and power it on, as I set up and arrange my cables. I get out my 59 & 69S and hang them on the guitar stand, then when I'm ready to check the guitars and tune them up. I plug them in -- the pedal does not reboot....
    I don't know what makes it happen on my 69S, but not the 59, but no, I don't think the issue is a bad guitar. I've been using my 59 since mid 2011, and my 69S since late 2012, and have not had an Issue with either one and the 500 or 500X. It's annoying, but not fatal to the equipment. I find it interesting to hear about it on the 89 model. Surprised it hasn't been mentioned on the forums before (or I missed it), but I also never posted about it, either.....
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