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  1. Phil, thanks. I was referring to the PC plus editor. I did look at the HXEdit initially and didn't find the HF driver trim, nor in the helix. I originally had scanned the PC plus editor but didn't spot it, but it's a stretch to reach from my computer. I did find it in the global settings on the PC plus, though - thanks Steve! I use the helix and PC plus with my gigging band, but with my old band, we jam with a mixer and headphones. The helix floor sounds less harsh with that set-up than through my several iterations of frfr powered speakers, and now the PC plus. The PC plus sounds better than the frfr's to me, but still a bit too hot for the distortion in some cases. I have moved to using the LF Flat mode and that sounds decent, but the foh still gets the frfr range, so there's a possibility of disconnect between what I setup as new presets LF Flat mode... Anyway, I was able to trim the HF driver to -2.5dB and it matches the headphone signal pretty well, and the distortion is less raspy sounding. I think it's likely to vary between individual units and individual people as well. We'll see how it plays live. Just my take on the subject. Thanks, Dave
  2. Nice to hear the HF driver trim is in the global settings. Will I find it on the control panel of the PC plus or only in the editor? So far I have not spotted it...
  3. There is one parameter the midi can do that the helix and the PC plus editor cannot - the hf tweeter trim value. It would be good to adjust up or down if the frfr mode is a tad too trebly. I have been moving towards the LF Flat mode for most electric amp presets, frfr for presets involving acoustic guitar models. The HF driver trim value is in the midi section of the PC plus users manual... One thing that I tried was hooking up a second powered frfr speakers to the PC plus out, and while you can choose a virtual mic for the speaker modes, the frfr and LF Flat mode are simply passing through the unaltered signal that would go to foh... no advantage for the tweaking of the PC plus. I'll continue to send to foh directly from the helix xlr out.
  4. Same here. Don't use the ir feature of the PC plus yet, but tried it today. It failed. Will be watching to see developments...
  5. Yes, and it found what's listed in the software section for Windows 8, but the PC plus firmware wasn't in there. Take a look at the 2.00.1 firmware notes and windows 7 and 10 are listed, but not 8. Then choose the Windows 8 filter manually in the download section for the PC plus, it's not there, some flag wasn't set when they added it. The installer is os aware, so it doesn't find the things not flagged... The firmware is for the PC plus, not Windows.
  6. Went through the Helix fw 2.8 update listed for Windows 8, including the hxe and updater, then the PC plus edit 2.0 listed for Windows 8, that requires the PC plus fw 2.00.1, BUT the firmware.2.00.1 is not listed for Windows 8, only Windows versions 7 and 10. So, when using the updater, is not listed for installation. I manually downloaded the firmware from the Windows 7 list (a PITA) was able to save it, then used the updater to load the local file. I believe it's just an oversight, but has not been added as of today so far. I know win 8 is a small relative user base, but I kept it on my main PC due Windows 10 dropping a key feature that I use regularly. My other PCs have 10 on them but aren't physically close to the Helix and PC plus. Just putting this out there... Dave
  7. I attacked the compression issue by lowering the global string volume adjustment to -5.5dB for all strings, then balancing string volumes per preset to even out the string levels, and raised the preset levels up, again per model. I also lowered the mag heights to reduce the mag volumes so the volume differences between mags and models were more in line. I did this last year on both my JTV 59 and 69s. It gives me plenty of dynamic range with very little compression on the models. Just my 2 cents. I've been much happier with the models since then. Dave
  8. My 2 cents is I noticed this when I change strings on my 69s or my 59 on certain models (not all). I noticed it goes away as the string loses the brassy newness that I normally love on acoustic and normal electrics. It does go away after the string ages and is played a while. My 69s is my go to, and my 59 is my backup, so doesn't get as much playing time, so takes longer for the effect to fade... Like I said, that is my experience with this, and my 2 cents... Dave
  9. Looks like you are missing the nut for the switch, but the 59 does not come with a rhythm/lead ring. I remember when I got my 59 that there were those who added them, but they had to do some modifications to make them fit right. This was back around 2011. Don't recall what they had to do. You can find find them from 3rd party sellers. Dave
  10. If you're in the US, and just want the single knob take a look at - is says for 59P, but is not that specific. I bought one of these for my 59 and also the one for my 69S, just to have on hand, in case.... Dave
  11. Updates for JTV or other Variax guitars' firmware is not currently possible with the helix. Until line6 make it possible, you'll need to use the USB interface or an HD 500 or 500x if you have it. That's how I do them. The work bench HD works fine for adjusting JTV models,but that was an update to the helix and the software that took a year or two to happen.
  12. Should probably be using the Helix edit 2.60 to do what you need to do... It's the latest... Dave
  13. Ok, found another one, I think. Besides the Variax model selection not displaying "Don't Force", the speaker selection when editing a amp and cab model will wipe out the bracketed amp parameters for snapshots if you push the joystick in to view the speaker selection list. If you just rotate through the speaker selections, it doesn't wipe out the parameters. This is new behavior. The obvious work around is to use separate amp and cab blocks, or not to push the joystick, but is annoying... This is the fw 2.60 on my helix floor. Dave
  14. That is odd.... Hopefully, someone at L6 will chime in at some point...
  15. Unfortunately, the L6 Monkey does not work for updates of the Variax guitar firmware through the Helix. You'll have to use the usb interface you got with your Variax. I hate it, but hope some future Helix fw update will remedy that. I still have my HD500X and 500, so I use that rather than the usb interface if I have to update the Variax. The HD Work Bench works fine for adjusting the Variax models with the Helix, though it took them about 2 years to get that going. Was a big step forward... Dave
  16. I was able to do a 9/10 reset, and yes there are new presets at least in Factory 1 setlist. I don't know specifically the issue that prevented my doing the 9/10 reset initially. One thing I did as I recall was I left the usb connected to my PC when I tried and it didn't reset . This time, I made sure I was disconnected and it did go into a reset, I loaded my backup except for Setlist 1, 2, & 8. Worked fine, rebooted to let the reloaded presets rebuild, and seems to be good now.
  17. Just did a reset 9/10 and the Don't Force is still not showing on the Helix itself. It is however shown on the HX Edit when looking at the Input assignments. I think it's an outcome of the code rewrite they mentioned, that the text doesn't display on the device for that parameter. They did update the parameters to properly include the Shurikan Variaxes, as they have different patch names than the previous JTV's & Standards. If the button #2 is pressed, the "cursor" on the line below the models does move to the default left position, just the text does not display "Don't Force".
  18. No, don't want to globally set "Don't Force" to the parameter, only want to force the ones per preset I want specific models on, as is happening now, but the new behavior without the option will save the then current model on the JTV even when the mags are on. If I activate the models while playing the preset, the one saved will come up, may be on a different JTV bank and selector switch position than indicated on the guitar. This happens when I have a preset, say with an acoustic in the last song, and I switch to a preset with mags on and JTV model saved with Don't Force, the last model played always comes up, and I have to move my model knob to get it off and back to indicated - maddening, but I've adapted, so will adapt to this if it's the way it is - on purpose and not a bug. Clearly does not match the manual at this point, nor the behavior pre FW2.60. Kinda doubting this was a desired behavior, or suggested on the L6 Ideascale website....
  19. Just took a look at the current Helix Manual - see attached jpg picture: - Dave
  20. I've always had mine set to per preset since I bought the helix in late 2015, been through all of the fw updates with no issues with things, but this is new behavior, and prior to the 2.60 fw, it's always had a don't force option for the Variax model selection. I used it for the presets I have the mags active, so it doesn't put the Variax model in a bank that doesn't match the Variax model knob position. Don't recall if the setting for the Variax model selection was don't force or don't save, but it didn't muck up the bank. I can adapt if this is how it will be, to always have a same model selected to match the knob position. Just curious if this is intended, and why, or was unintentional.
  21. I just checked, and yes, the don't force option is available on the volume, tone, and tuning, but not on the Variax model selection of the settings. This is new behavior. The model shown is what the Variax is set to at the moment, but if you save the helix preset, that model selection will be what it will set the Variax to when the preset is next chosen... My presets with specific Variax model set still come up with the one saved, so that's a relief. I mostly use my JTV mags, but do have presets with the models saved and on. The Helix does still remember the model/mag status.
  22. I noticed the option of don't force is gone from the Helix Variax model selection of the input configuration. It's been there since the beginning, now just gone on the new fw 2.60. Is this a bug, or by design. If by design, why? I mostly use my JTV mags, but when I turn on the models manually, want it to be on the last one used. Also by always being forced to a certain model puts it in that model's bank with switching. You have to move the model knob to get back to where you intended to be. Any others noticed this?
  23. Hi Phil -- Just curious. the download install went fine. I normally do a reset even with the new updates, so any additions to Factory 1 & 2 demo presets and the Templates setlists are showing the new stuff. I then reload my pre-update backup except for setlists 1, 2, & 8. this time when I did the 9/10 reset when booting up, it never reset, and just went to the normal setlists without going through the process. Not a big problem, but was weird that the failsafe reset process didn't initiate... Did they disable that? Haven't had a chance to check the new stuff out yet, but was curious if they had any new preset in 1, 2, & 8... Trying to find the other reset button combinations to see if they still work.... Helix Floor, BTW, since fall 2015.... Thanks, Dave
  24. I had my 59 lose the low E string piezoelectric the first summer I had it 2011. It was the first batch of the JTV line. The L6 support got me a new bridge as they had a corrosion issue with a supplier. Been using it since and a 69s bought in 2012 with no further issues.
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