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  1. Hi Guys, I am looking for some information and recommendations on replacement of the neck for a JTV 89F. I bought this guitar because I liked the idea that I can have a locking tremelo with the option of doing alternate tuning etc. Over all I am relatively happy with the guitar but the neck is not as thin or easy to play as I like. I used to be an Ibanez player and looking to replace the neck of the 89f to something like an Ibanez super wizard neck profile. Any ideas/thoughts on where I can go to find after market necks? and what will fit/not fit in the neck socket?
  2. Thanks for that piece of information I had tried pretty much everything else nothing worked. My USB interface wasnt working either but then i realised it also requires the battery to be charged and inside the guitar in order to get it to update. Btw the new update didnt make much of a difference. Everything sounds the same.
  3. I am trying to update my JTV 89 F using my Helix as the interface through line 6 monkey. I have both the line 6 cable and the quarter inch jack connected to the guitar. Every time I try to update the firmware from 2.21 to 2.23 I am getting the following 2 errors (screenshot attached). Can anyone help on how I can get over this issue? ryi
  4. hi guys, I used to be a hd 500 user for a long time and recently have moved to helix. The gear that i currently run is JTV 89F -> Helix LT -> DT-25. I am struggling with a few things now with my set up: Firstly the DT25 integration with Helix tech is not that good as it was with HD 500. Is that true or is it just me? For instance you cant seem to switch between the 4 channels of the amp. The sound thats coming out of the amplifier seems to be very hard to dial in as well, as I have to adjust the knobs on the amp it self not the helix unit. What amp model/set up should I use to get a good acoustic sound out of my variax? As soon as I put an amp in the signal chain for an acoustic model it makes it sound very different. I want an amplified sound of the acoustic model without much color on it. Currently I am just using one or compressors which is also not that great of sound when it comes to the variax acoustic models. This set up coming out of my dt25 sound horrible for the acoustic models. A guy at a guitar shop suggested I should look at PAs or Roland Jc 40/120 amps. As they will give the best flat response with the helix doing the modeling and the PA/Amp doing just the basic amplification of the sound. The main reason for getting a dt25 was the compact size and the fact that it was a tube amp that can be used with a drummer in a live setting for a jam. My previous experience with PAs has not been that good as they are very big in size and dont hold that well in front of a drummer. The JC amps, I have no idea of. Any other amps or PAs that anyone would recommend? I dont want to go with line 6 PAs as they have alot of functionality on them that I will never use. Let me know if anyone is having similar issues and what did you do for it.
  5. But How will I change the amp models in the DT 25 without the L6 link?
  6. I have but if I have an Amp with distortion on the drum loop coming out of boss comes out distorted.
  7. Hi Guys, Just wanted to know if there was a good way of connecting a POD HD500 with a RC 300 (or for that matter any external looper) and a DT 25. At the moment I have my JTV 89f going into my POD HD500 then the out from POD going into the instrument in of Boss RC 300 and the Out from Boss going into my DT 25. The problem with this setup is that I cant control the DT 25 from my pod this way. I want to be able to use the looper with the POD and still be able to use the DT amp from the POD patches. Is that possible?
  8. hey mate can you also comment on my earlier post? would love to hear your opinion on GR -55 issues that i have had in my trial of the product..
  9. hey mate missed your post earlier... yes i am using mostly on my computer but i am also looking for a live solution .. that i can use with my rig specially while i am busking or playing a low key gig ... i dont want to have to learn how to play another instrument therefore i am looking for a solution that will just work my guitar... I tried the GR 55 last weekend at a guitar store and i have to say i wasn't at all impressed with the tracking. it was missing notes and playing random stuff in the middle of my runs... the way i check it is i will put on a piano patch and try to shred on the neck to see how many notes it will miss .. and it was missing alot and moreover throwing in random notes in the middle of arpeggios and runs ...specially on a piano and a violin patch .. i asked the local guitar tech and he said you have to change your playing style to get the gr 55 to work properly .. while i understand you cant shred with a piano effect but its hard for me to believe that Roland would miss out on this detail and people will have to adjust their playing inorder to use the GR 55 properly.. having used the GR 55 on your guitar what is your take on this .. ?? is it really a matter of playing style or can you adjust that using the setting?? what can i try to change on the paddle to be able to make it work properly.. ?? having said that he said he will have the roland guys come in and adjust the guitar/gr55 ... i was using their stock standard fender fitted with their gk3 pick-up... which makes me further worried that if doesn't work well with the stock standard fender ... how can it work well with my jtv - 89? also i tried the fishman as well a couple of weeks back for a very short time .. i was playing it on a godin .. didn't get the chance to really do a proper stress test on the pick up/guitar combo .. but my initial feel was that that fishman was more forgiving than the gr55 ... it was missing fewer notes .. and sounding very realistic .. the only problem with that is if i am buying a guitar synth for 500 bucks i want it to be portable and fishman doesnt really fall in the portable category .. do you feel the same difference in tracking in both the systems especially doing runs and vibratos?
  10. what other hardware can you trigger with the fishman? my only concern with the fishman is that one of the guitar techs doing a demo of the fishman also had a jtv-89 and he said it doesnt fit on his jtv therefore he put it on his godin ... it sounded awesome but the fact that it cant fit on a jtv 89 is a bummer ... the 89 is built on a shred shape more like an ibanez or a jackson both of which i used to have and sold them to get a the jtv 89 .. i dont want to have to buy a guitar just or this pick up you know .... also for live playing how do u use the fishman .. do you take the laptop with you .. ?? what kind of a foot controller would u need?
  11. cool would love to see how you have set it up ... if its not too much trouble you can post the pictures here... would be a reference point for people who want to do the same .. thanks mate .. it looks awesome .. but i find the 59 has more space under the strings near the bridge than a 89 .. and more over i set it up as low as possible to make sure i can get the best action .. so if i understood correctly you have changed the gk3 with a fishman? any particular reason .. ?? are you using it with the gr 55 or just with its own s/w?? can the fishman be used with the gr55?? are there any battery issues with the fishman .. as its wireless i am guessing it would require some kind of battery to run the wireless gear .. ??
  12. could be a bad set of strings .... the strings are usually nickle or coper wound ... if there is corrosion inside the winding of the strings, they can become weak and can break with even minor bends .. you are doing whole note step bends and i am guessing using the floyd rose from time to time as well ... even if your strings are slightly corroded they can break. try getting strings from a shop that might have newer stock .. see if that works ... if that doesnt do the job i would suggest taking the guitar to a luthior ... i dont take my guitars to your average guitar techs because most of them dont know what they are doing .. luthiors are always a safer bet ..
  13. great ... thanks mate .. have you uploaded any thing on youtube or soundcloud that i can listen to ??
  14. has any one installed the GR 55 pick up or the fishman triple play on a JTV 89 or a JTV89 f .. i love the concept of a synth on my guitar but i think there is not much space on my jtv 89 ... for another synth pick up...
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