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  1. Only about half of those are applicable in this use case and while I can’t speak for others I’ve tried all of the ones that are applicable. None of them resolve this issue. It’s worth also noting that I’ve tried an IPad 3 with iOS 9. And many of the same control, playback and connectivity problems mentioned here still exist. The problem is the AMPLIFi app.
  2. I hate to do a "me too" but.. me too. Let's see - here's everything that has gone wrong for me with the latest Amplifi iOS app, iOS 11 and the latest firmware for the Amplifi: - Favorites don't actually save.. - My Tones get repeated multiple times .. each time I go back into the app I see the last one or two I've added get repeated. - BlueTooth drops and reconnects constantly when I try to control the amp or play back music over the amp from the AMPlifi app. Those are the ones that immediately come to mind. I might consider getting an Android Tablet *just* for this application. Because the reviews on the Google Play store for the Android version of the app are *far* more positive than the iOS reviews.
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